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4 hours ago, LightBulbFun said:

I noticed a lot of Pre Rover, British leyland Cars come back as ROVER in the MOT checker, almost like the MOT checker is getting the make info from the VIN number instead of what its down as on the V5

however if you go via the DVLA checker https://vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk/

you will get better results (although as proven in my thread, the results from the DVLA checker itself can be a fun shit show LOL)

You're right - it's an Austin on the DVLA website - tax expired 7/10/85 so it lasted 11 years (or it's in a lock up somewhere).

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7 minutes ago, bunglebus said:

Chadwell 'eath 1985

What are the two between the Tablot and the Cortina? Doovla says Mazda for both

Mazda 1000, or 1200, or 1300 (I think the 1200 was the early version, but they look similar).

Also a Datsun 160/180B with an identity crisis on the right - it's wearing late-model 120Y wheel trims.

Very yellow headlamps on the Cortina.

Do love the contrast between the '60s designed hangovers and rakish modern things like the Regata and Maestro.

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11 hours ago, HMC said:

Ami van! Bexhill 1975





Wonder if that’s Ray Blaney’s Ami van. There weren’t that many Amis, let alone many red Ami vans. Can’t seem to get the tax checker to work to see if it’s on the road or not. 

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