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Volvo V70 D5: Dark Beast one...​​​​​​two...now three years on.


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On 3/25/2022 at 1:42 PM, inconsistant said:

MOT Passed. It passed the emissions test, with a bit of help from some diesel cleaner and a pre-mot hoofing based clear out, so we decided to spend the money getting it an MOT.

Needed 4 new tyres,  n/s front wheel bearing replaced, tracking done, both rear coil springs needed replacing, and the handbrake was adjusted for the millionth time and a couple of bulbs replaced.

So £800 spent but at least now has a fresh mot for a year. Will probably look at selling it in the next month or two. Would we get £1500 for it or is that too optimistic?

I did away with the shitty EGR valve on my 54 plate S60 D5 with a blanking plate after suffering power loss issues, the car is so much better for it and has passed 2 MOT’s since….

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  • inconsistant changed the title to Volvo V70 D5: Dark Beast one...​​​​​​two...now three years on.

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