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Chrysler Delta


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What do you want to discuss? 

Are you buying one?

Restoring one? 

Did they come in yellow to get Jim Bell moist? 

Can it be run on veg? 

Can the shadow buy one for £30? 

Do they live in Lincolnshire that gives Junkman the fear ?

Can loserone have a ticket? 


Currently I am not sure you are in running for post of the day award.

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Dan-ZTT had one , he wrote about it the Modern section. Possibly even offered it for sale on here.

I did indeed, but it was a bit too modern and not quite shite enough so it went to Evans Halshaw in the end.


I bought it when I had a very long commute and needed the frugality, could get 70mpg on a gentle run. Had it something like 2 years and 40,000 miles, nothing went wrong with it in that time. Sold it because I moved jobs to a very short (bicycle) commute so it would have just sat around depreciating even more than it already had, and I wanted an MG.


I thought it was nice enough to drive, for a modern diesel, and odd enough to get some confused looks from people, which I liked. The sliding rear bench was the best feature, gave it loads of room either in the back seats or in the boot depending on your needs. Don't think the base model had that though, mine was the mid-level trim, SR maybe? 1.6 diesel, 6-speed manual.


Different brand markings all over the place due to being a bit of a bodge-model. Mine had a Fiat logo on the engine, 'Lancia' on the headlight units and an Alfa Romeo locking wheel nut case, in addition to all the Chrysler badges...


It was sold in the rest of Europe as a Lancia of course, as was the Ypsilon. Last time I was in Italy I saw loads of both, but they've always been a rare sight on UK roads.


Nearly all seem to be black or white, mine was blue with black alcantara interior. Mine was also an ex-rental car, not sure if that was a common thing with them or just a one off. WM12 UYL, if you do happen to see it for sale...


I'll see if I can find some pictures when I'm back on my laptop.

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