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Found 4 results

  1. This is a Wanted thread, but having no money I'm offering a swop. Key for key, no cash involved. I want a Bedford CF. It's over 30 years since my first one and I think well past time I repeated the experience. Steel front rather than the later plastic grille; VX slant-four petrol engine rather than the Opel type, and absolutely NO DIESELS; preferably a plain van body rather than a camper or truck. Oh and it needs to be legal and running fairly reliably. Not like I'm asking for much! If the van comes from further than about 150 miles from me I would very much appreciate being able to meet at some suitable common point to do the handover. Motorway service areas or supermarkets with integrated cafes would be ideal.
  2. OK, maybe not entirely serious, but I clocked one round the corner from my house this morning and they look brilliant. Had been off my radar but small fuel efficient stylish estate and seem to be plenty of cheap ones about, presumably comfy and fun to drive in a french sort of way - what's not to like? 1.4 petrol appeals with cheap tax/insurance/ulez friendly. I love my 205 but nine times out of ten the CR-V gets used for practicality reasons. One of these looks like being a bit more jolly and efficient, but equally practical...
  3. Hello. My attention has been drawn to a car sitting forlornly in Gillingham, Kent. I was tagged in it on Facebook just this morning. Regular readers to my 'memoirs' will remember me buying this car back in 2016 and, quite stupidly, selling it in order to buy a Volvo 300 series. Judging from what the guy said on FB, it looks like someone's given up on it. "Bits hanging underneath the engine". It also doesn't look like it's gone very far of late. Could anyone local stick a note on it for me? I'll play my trump card and tell you now that it's quite likely the oldest surviving Ford Sierra still 'on the road'. It deserves a decent home. Now. Maybe the guy who owns it is still running around in it and the geezer who photo'd it has got the wrong end of the wrong stick. Maybe the owner is down on his luck and wants to get it fixed up. Who knows. But if we could get some dialogue going it'd be great. Can anyone help?
  4. Looking for tidy box trailer, Ta
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