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Guest Conan

One Shite in Bangkok - '89 Corolla.

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Today is another update on the focusing on fixing trivial stuff while ignoring bigger issues the car might have.


To introduce you to the issue I'm having you have to imagine some stuff as I'm a muppet who don't have foresight to take a picture.




One day I discovered a stain on the floor. Suspiciously like an oil leak which this engine has plenty of. But none quite so bad to leaving a mark so this is definitely unusual. Inspecting the engine bay revealed that this decent amount of leak came from the spacer which holds the oil filter in place. Circling in the picture. The purpose of which I'm sure an engineer back in Japan would've known full well but is completely lost on me.




I got the spacer off and discovered that the o-ring turned into a plastic hoop with zero elasticity. Not great for sealing surface.




So it just get bodged with some silicone gasket maker which works incredibly well. But it is a bodge, and surely no man can live without the thoughts of failure from bodging.


Replace the o-ring then! Only the closest one appears to be in Canada. I could get one made locally I guess but it would mean the car will get incapacitated for a while.


There is another option, however. As the spacer serve purposes not known to any man. Many people who run these things just use a union which eliminates it entirely. This would give the engine 2 less points of leaking and also moving the oil filter in away from the exhaust manifold, which keeps it away from the heat. I'm sure that will have a massive effect on so many things.




Wait, this picture from a retailer is a great illustration of the issue. Why haven't I thought of this before.


I tried to see if anybody locally stock these union which seems incredibly useful for anyone with a 4A-GE 20V engine. A not entirely uncommon unit swapped in many Corollas locally. I turned up jack fucking shit, no one ever heard of this before.




But thanks to the internet and affordable overseas shipping. I ended up just over(fort)night the part from New Zealand. 27 quid all in.




I'm very sure they have some sort of purpose. But more than 20 years after they were installed, they have no place in an engine anymore. May one day, in the far future, you get recycled into something more useful.


Advantages don't seems to worth the effort, but as I said, this is focusing on fixing little stuff while ignoring more important issues. It is merely Mechanical Procrastinating.

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I can't see much point in the adaptor either....

Short casing oilfilter will be well away from the Ex downpipe.

I see now [as you said earlier] your oil filter is an easy access swap, unlike my 4A-F ... up under/blocked by plastic undertray.


* passed MOT yesterday, no advisories.... So safe to tootle for another year.

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Some might say the adapter make more sense if the car has the stock exhaust fannymould with heat shield. I personally don't think it make much of a different. It does give easier access to a part which hardly is difficult to reach. Maybe it is just the Toyota way of making sure every knucklehead can service their car.


It still seems weird to me that 4A-F would have different oil filter position. The 1300cc 2E SOHC have it's filter at easy access location.

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