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A few Spots (Wirral) - 12.01.11 Bonus Bus Shite


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I haven't seen any of them before, apart from the Belmont. It's driven by a 50 something bloke who always looks pissed off to still be driving a Belmont. :D

It's always scootling down Woodchurch Road going to and from work, I looked at him once, but he just scowled at me.

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On 31/08/2009 at 02:18, Station said:
Minimad5 said:

First spotting post ... dont exspect anythin' amazing, just wanted to share the pictures with you guys. Hope you enjoy them




About a week after this was posted, the soft auld get sold (or scrapped, but I can't see that) his Princess and got an R reg Omega!! He still had his Cortina though - I'm surprised the jobsworths at Wirral Borough Council haven't tried to make him get rid yet!

Princess is still taxed or what?




This scene turned into this:


But the Omega seems to have recently disappeared.


I wonder what the owner would think about having his cars documented on the internet over 13 years. 😁🤷‍♀️


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On 02/08/2011 at 18:36, warren t claim said:

The Yugo Sana I spotted earlier on in this thread is still there.


Will somebody please save it? It must be on death row by now.

I’ll holy thread revive this one… because today I saw a Facebook post about the remaining Sanas and so quickly hopped over here to find the reg to add it to the list. Only to find it is already on the list and appears to have been bought by someone to repair… a happy ending maybe! 


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