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IMG_20231112_112028.thumb.jpg.7c5dd009df52c978993dc7cf4ec105b1.jpgIMG_20231112_112003.thumb.jpg.48fe5a905eadc1ab3527089e90861f98.jpgIMG_20231112_112010.thumb.jpg.af4b9bc4f251d1752ca73a98f1ebf2e1.jpgWas in Coalville in North West Leics. yesterday for the Remembrance Day parade and service in the town centre. Very disappointed. A huge number of people had turned out, seem to get more each year. But the PA system didn't seem to be working, so those at the back, like us had no idea what was going on past the two minutes silence. Raining as well. Walking back to the car, thought I'd try to get some pictures of these lovely things. Used to be a Ford dealers, but now just used cars. Lot of late Range Rovers in the main showroom. The old  stuff has been there a long while, and apart from the Midget, doesn't appear to be for sale. There's lot more stuff behind. An early Sierra for starters. Apologies for the poor photos, the place was shut and it was raining. I'm guessing Chaseracer will know of it as well. The blue Mk I is a Mexico and the yellow Mk2, a 1600 Sport. IMG_20231112_112018.thumb.jpg.12295ba7c3de3aa61a0ad06cb29b802c.jpg

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2 minutes ago, MiniMinorMk3 said:

That reg on the Cossie rang a bell 'cos it ends NO. I bet that's more than doubled in value since it was sold at auction in 2020. It's a rally recce car that was possibly used by Colin McRae

Classic Car Auctions | 1996 Ford Escort Cosworth Rally Car-Sold


It was certainly there around this time in 2021. Think they make a nice line up showing the evolution of the sporting Escort/Focus.Good for "cars in colour" as well!

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17 hours ago, HMC said:

Good spot re the -NO cossie. i remember watching the RAC rally coverage on top gear in the early 90s and one of the works escorts was road registered -NO (k***hno ) iirc

Funny the things that stay with you.

The -NO thing for me is from the Sweeny and The Professionals. -NO are Esssex reg numbers that Ford used on a lot of their press fleet.

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