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V70 tdi. Clocking.

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I had a similar timing belt session a couple of weeks ago.


You'll notice there's quite a lot of rubber not there, it was all inside the timing belt area making everything sticky and causing the belt to jump a tooth. Lots of farting around later and I think I've got it working. They're great engines but a fugging nightmare to work on.



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As I’ve spent all day cleaning it I am going to declare it done. The only fly in that ointment is the oil cooler coolant hose sprung a leak, mainly because it’s 20ish years old. I’ve trimmed the end of the hose and got it onto the stub, so it’s been on jaunts round the estate but I don’t trust it not to give way halfway up kingshill. Just waiting on a hose joiner stub. Small potatoes. Passenger drive shaft sounds dubious, but did before. Needs tracking. Srs light on. But fuck those, really very minor and easily solved details, because there will always be something, a line needs to be drawn.

Check. Out. My .Throbber.



Spent all day cleaning it. Which is not a common occurrence. But it’s been languishing under a tree all summer, and hadn’t been cleaned for a while* previously.

Washed, t cut by hand all over, roof and bonnet twice. Washed, snowfoamed, washed, chamoised, polished. Windows cleaned and rainexed. I can honestly say that I have never done anything like it. Fuck 2 buckets, at one point I had 3 buckets and a hose going. In the rain. Beko would have creamed himself.

but, on reflection 


wurf it.


It’s been stanced yo. New bilstein suspension all round and new brakes with upgrades from a t5. Grey wheels with brand spankers tyres now getting the thumbs up from everyone. Mudguard and sill cover more formally attached with my new, really weren’t lying when they advertised it as heavy duty, pop riveter. Load bay windows tinted, stopped there as it was beginning to look like a hearse.

Check out the beading. Under there is my new* engine, but you know about that. I learned more than a few things putting it there. It fires first turn of the key and sounds keen. I’ve genuinely missed tooling about in this.


The interior has been similarly tittivated, as mine was hanging but donor donkey had a minter. Everything in the boot below the headliner is new. Doesn’t it look lovely. And clean.


In the front, new carpet, mats, seats, seatbelts, door seals, centre console, heater control unit, alpine head unit, gearstick, dab radio, new drivers door guts, aftermarket remote central locking gubbins mounted nicely inside it rather than dangling on wires in a take away plastic tub.


Everything furtled beko style I.e. I’ve even cleaned the backside and bulbs of the interior lights. Oh, lights,


All door lights present and working, as are footwell lights. Front fog lights now have additional sidelights and flash with main beams. Yellow bulbs. Proper sidelights also yellow and dipped beam is osram all season, with are both not yellow enough for my liking and expensive enough to stay. Full beams are still nightbreakers. All the front lights came from donkey.

So there it is, my Purple Throbber. I had to show it to you now really, as it’s never been shinier and likely will never be this shiny again, but I’m proud of it, so thanks for looking.


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Was working down the unit so took an hour after that to do a bit of forensic mechanics on the old/spare/project block. When it originally shit itself there was a “do we just lob on another head and chance it? conversation.





Glad we didn’t do that then, right decision.

All of that in an hour. Engine stands and air tools are F.A.B.

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Time for a wifewagon update. Having had it a month or so there are a few happenings to report. Firstly, and most importantly the wife loves it. This is no mean feat and makes it officially superior to... Saab 9-5, accord tourer, mondeo 3.0, Volvo D5. To name but a few. Plebs. Does mean we’re probably keeping it though. It’s also just been put to work and it’s survived, I’ve barely seen it and driven it less. This is a good thing, happy wife happy life. It drives like a lowered Range Rover imo. I.e. it’s a tank.

So how rusty is our newly acquired, 20 yr old Mercedes ? 



its pretty good. Mostly. There are (a couple?) of bad bits though. 


thats the fuel filler pipe . The other side looks better


but is structural paint with the strength of wet cardboard. I’m going to have to learn to weld. I’m 41, have fucked about with cars and bikes all my adult life, and have managed to avoid learning to use the sparkly stick... which is a bit of a poor show to be honest. this looks to be the perfect opportunity. It is time to Man Level Up, or fry trying.

Tracking was a bit off 


and the front studs had corroded to the wheel so 2 sheered, having to be die ground out. But it then got new front tyres (hideously cheap rapid p609) , new bottom ball joint and something else *. Full service inc gearbox, diff oils and every single filter. Lack of reversing lights turned out to be a faulty power feed to the gearbox neutral switch, so power added from the back of the fag lighter. Additional USB ports were also wired into the rear of the Center console as, shockingly, there was no rear seat fag lighter. Ashtrays yes, lighters no. Mercedes, wot were u finkin. New stereo that will blue tooth the wife’s phone. New aircon gas. New rear window regulator Headlights polished. New mirror lenses.

 The Story, as far as I can make out is that it was a company car then bought by the driver for family duties and kept. Rewarded for service with rust work in 2012. But not worth doing it again. It’s definitely got the air of having not been loved for a while, but with no evidence of active mistreatment. It’s been a tip dog car somewhere posh for my money. There’s nothing other than unrepaired wear and tear there. (Say that quick).

So yes, so far so good with mankymerc ownership.



*as much of the dirty work as possible was fobbed off onto SuperTom as part of a complicated scrap car / labour / painting / storage exchange so I don’t actually know.


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Yes, much frustration. And only one of 3 Bad Things today, so hopefully that’s that, they’re meant to come in 3’s.

Happily SuperTom had some healing words. “Well Dan, if you keep buying old shit you’ll have to keep fixing old shit.” He has a point. 

Anyway, deal with what is. New gaskets please. Game on.

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6 hours ago, Lacquer Peel said:

Good work with this.
The head unit looks good. I did a bad thing with my S70, I took out the factory double DIN radio cassette and fitted a single DIN mechless unit in its place. It looks a bit crap.


I considered a single din with added fag packet slot, but am glad I didn’t go that route. It doesn’t look factory, but looks as if it belongs.

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Yes it is destined for the Throbber. It was too cheap to ignore so i didn’t. A bit of a Fisher Price / Step Of Manhood moment, My First Tuning Turbo. It’s that lovely if I don’t use it on the car it can come into the house and be an ornament.

 I don’t know about remapping, yet. Apparently, so a man in the pub told me, you can get good results (circa 250bhp) with bigger nozzles and a tuning box (which I already have) so we’ll probably start there. The ecu from the engine donor car is allegedly chipped, but no one could answer who by or when, so who knows, but it’s another (untried) option. That’s all for winter though, getting it back on it’s feet has to come first really.

which, all being well might happen next week. (Famous last words!)

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Just now, sutty2006 said:

What’s broke now? Head gasket? 

Yep. The new* engine is pressurising the coolant under boost. To the extent that the car behind had to put on their wipers. 

Sometimes it just be that way. Remember, it’s not really yours until you have touched the pistons.

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Right then, glory awaits. Assume the position.


1 hour in and my brand new, second hand US Pro stubby 17mm spanner is my new favourite thing.



2 hours in and rain has stopped play. Tea and chat.


3 hours in and the brief shower has settled in for a while. Race car paddock aesthetic for the win.


4 hours of lacsidasical spannering finds me finding a rusty head bolt. Hmm. 


and a few moments later I delicately stood on the car and birthed the head. Much better for my back. Don’t think I fucked anything.


And how does it look? Blowy out the end. That’ll do it.




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Cleany cleany with white spirit and a teethbrush 


Cleany cleany with flat block mounted 400 grit wet and dry with wd40 


Can you guess where it was blowing? No wonder the coolant was falling out. 


Checked with a engineers straight edge and all looks good. 😁 

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On 10/8/2019 at 8:21 PM, sutty2006 said:

Get a gasket on it lad and crack on. Top choddage right here. 

I'm on it sir. 

On 10/8/2019 at 8:57 PM, Shirley Knott said:

I'm impressed by your perseverance, lesser mortals (Including me) would have well and truly sacked this off and be sulking in a corner by now.

I. Will. Overcome. It. Is. Inevitable. 

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Shiny block with clean dry stud holes. 


Shiny new not shite gasket. 3 layer steel rather than the brown composite one found in it. 


And 'just popped' the head (and fannymoulds and turbot - it has a bit of weight to it) on. 


Hurrah. Then the difficult bit, attaching the turbo drain pipe. Down the back of the block sandwiched between the starter motor and turbo. Can't see it. It's a sod. 

And 2.5 hours later it started to rain and I took the hint to give up before I lost my patience. I think the drain pipe is bent as its not lining up. There is space for maybe 3 fingers and I need to hold the pipe head very hard in place, the paper gasket, the bolt, find the bolt hole and get it to bite, all uphill. 

You all know the score. Plan a is fresh eyes and fingers another day will sort it out. 😁 

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      Well I've been meaning to sign up here in forever, but kept forgetting. Thanks to someone over on another forum I frequent poking me about it recently the subject was forced back into my very brief attention span for long enough to get me to act on the instruction.

      I figure that my little varied fleet might bring you lot some amusement...

      So...we've got:

      1993 Lada Riva 1.5E Estate (now fuel injected, as I reckon the later cars should have been from the factory...).
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      1985 Sinclair C5.
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      Next, a proper old Saab. One of the very last 8 valve cars apparently, and all the better for it. I've driven two 16v autos and they were horrible - the auto box works sooooo much better with the torque curve of the 8 valve engine. Just wish it had an overdrive for motorway cruising...

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      The car had been owned for decades by a Land Rover enthusiast and this particular car retained a lot of features unique to pre 1973 Range Rovers. Sadly he died a few years back and the car was left outside the front of his house. 
      I spotted it on eBay and arranged with the owners widow to view. There were no bids and my offer was good enough to take the auction off.
      The engine had been part way through a top end strip down when work stopped, I had no idea even if the car would move. But rented a trailer and relocated it from Watford to North Devon where fathathastag has a barn suitable for storage.


      The project is on the right, we towed it into the field and pushed it into the barn

      In May 2015 I got to do an assessment of the car. body wise most outer panels were ok, the inner wings looked ok, it clearly needed some work but was unsure how much at this point. main objective was to see if the engine was a runner.




      Found that the gearbox and axles were original to the car, but the engine was from an earlyish SD1
      while the seat covers are not original some of the plastic kitkat seat coverings are underneath, the rear seat especially




      The head has some nasty corrosion very near the fire ring seal, 

      When I refitted the head one of the bolts tore the thread out. bastard but not entirely uncommon with the alloy blocked RV8

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      Hey folks
      new project, as you saw in the other thread I accidently persuaded fatha thestag to buy a 109 truck in relaxed state
      here is the walk around, let my mouth do the talking
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      I'm a masochist from Leeds who is running two rusty, worn out Triumph Dolomites as my only transport in rural Aberdeenshire. You might recognise me from various other forums and Facebook groups. Realistically I need to buy a modern car of some sort, but instead I find myself looking at £300 Citroen BXs and Triumph Acclaims on Gumtree and thinking "yeah, that'd fit right in with the rest of the broken cars I can't afford".
      On to the cars, the main attraction being my 1976 1850HL "50 Shades of Yellow" that I bought for £850 and is currently my daily driver, here is a picture of it before I sanded off some surface rust and sprayed it badly in the wrong shade of yellow with rattle cans:

      Within a month of purchase I managed to plant it in to a steel fence backwards after a botched gear change on a wet roundabout and ruined the N/S rear wing, although judging by the other dent that's packed with filler it looks like somebody had already done the same. I also managed to destroy a halfshaft and one of my Sprint alloys (good for an extra 15hp) in the incident, so now it's sitting on it's original steelies but painted black (good for an extra 5hp).
      It's only broken down on me twice. once with some sort of fuel delivery related problem which may or may not have been an empty fuel tank and once when the thermostat jammed shut and it overheated and blew out some O-rings for the cooling system. It has recently developed a taste for coolant and oil which is rather annoying, although it's done 89,300 miles which is about 80,000 more miles than BL engineering is designed to last, I'm keeping my eye on eBay for replacement engines... 
      I tried to keep ahead of the rust a bit by rubbing down the arches and re-painting them, but apparently rattle can paint isn't great when you are spraying it at -5C, it also highlighted how although my car might have been Inca Yellow in 1976 it's now more of a "cat piss" sort of shade. So I ended up with the wrong shade of yellow which has rust coming back through after 5 weeks. Did I mention I'm incompetent?
      The other car is the first "classic" car I bought, so I can't bear to sell it. It's a '77 Dolomite 1300 and it cost £1400 (about £400 too much) and has been nothing but a pain in the arse:

      It looks much prettier (from 100 yards) but that's most due to the darker paintwork hiding the rust. It lives a mollycoddled life in my garage, where it somehow still manages to rust, and is utterly rubbish. 0-60 is measured on a calendar, top speed is 80ish but at that point it uses more oil than petrol, it rarely ventures over 50mph and if you encounter an incline of any sort you can kiss that sort of speed goodbye, along with about £20 of 20W50 as it vanishes out of the exhaust in the form of blue smoke.
      One of the PO's had clearly never heard of the term "oil change" so it developed into brown sludge that coated everything internally with the next owner(s) blissfully pouring fresh oil on top of it. This lasted until about 600 miles into my ownership when there was muffled "pop" from the engine bay and the car became a 3-cylinder. The cause was catastrophic wear to the top end causing a rocker arm to snap:

      As this was my first classic car I'd assumed it was supposed to sound like the engine was full of marbles, it wasn't.
      I put the engine back together with second hand bits declared it utterly fucked and promptly did another 5000 miles with it. After about 3500 of those miles the oil burning started, valve seals have gone so it's been relegated to my parent's garage as a backup car and something to take to local car shows as the 1850 is now embarrassingly ugly. I'm keeping my eye on eBay for replacement engines (deja vu, anybody?) Oh, I also recently reversed it into a parked Ford Fiesta and royally fucked up the rear bumper, rear panel and bootlid. Did I mention I'm incompetent?
      There have been two other cars in my life. My first car, a 2008 Toyota Yaris 1.0 an it's replacement a 2012 Corsa 1.4T. I didn't really want either of them, but it's a long story involving my parents and poor life choices. Ask if you want to hear it!
      So that's a brief summary of my current shite. If you want more pictures or details of anything do say as I've got photos of almost everything I'd done with the cars.
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