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Magazines for sale inc. OMG JALOPY MOTHERLOAD


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Time for a clearout.  Who likes old mags then?


Item 1 - £15 delivered:


autocars by r_welfare, on Flickr


Autocar w/e 26 August 1978 - New Sunny, Sud Sprint 1500 test, secondhand Chevettes


Autocar w/e 19 June 1985 - Caterham 1700 Super Sprint, Panther Kallista 1.6L, TWR racing XJ-S and roadgoing XJ-S 6-litre


Autocar w/e 10 February 1979 - Janspeed 260Z Turbo, Peugeot 504 1800 saloon test, Granada 2.3L estate long term test, Hyundai Pony first look


Autocar w/e 21 April 1984 - ZJ-S 3.6, Peugeot 205GTI, Corolla GT, Renault 5TX


Autocar w/e 13 March 1982 - full spread on the new Austin Ambassador, Fiat Mirafiori facelift, Escort 1.6GL test, Volvo 760 GLE and Peugeot 505 estates first look


Buying Cars April 1990 - how to buy a cheap Range Rover, Toyota Mr2 Mk1 buyers guide, new tests of Rover 416GTi, Sierra and BX 4x4, Quentin Willson's 30 dodgy trader tricks OMG!!!


Car Choice June 1992 - how to buy a brilliant car for £1000, Mitsubishi Galant and Peugeot 106 buyers guides


Car Choice June 1994 - the best £5000 car, 46 cheap fast cars, Peugeot 106 (again?) and Subaru Justy buyers guides


Fast Lane February 1989 - GTD 40 and Supra Turbo tests, Cavalier 4x4 vs BMW 325iX vs Audi 80 quattro, Porsche 959 track test, cheap fast Yanks (Taurus SHO, Thunderbird SC, Plymouth Laser Turbo)


Item 2 - £15 delivered:


roadandtracks by r_welfare, on Flickr


Road & Track January 1982 - Honda Accord, Mercedes 380SL, Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am, Chevrolet Camaro, 1982 Cavalier, 1982 VWs (Quantum, Vanagon, Scirocco)


Road & Track March 1979 - Mazda 626, Diesel Rabbit at 48,000 miles, Fiat Strada, Buick Riviera S Type, 1980 GM Compacts, Opel Monza S, supercharged Porsche 924, 1979 European Car of the Year


Road & Track September 1979 - Datsun 310 vs Fiat Strada vs Ford Fiesta vs VW Rabbit vs Honda Civic vs Plymouth Champ vs Plymouth Horizon vs Renault Le Car vs Subaru DL, Triumph TR7 convertible, 1980 VW Bus, Pontiac Grand Am, Dome P2


Road & Track April 1983 - Camaro vs Mercury Capri vs Starion vs Supra vs Fuego Turbo vs Audi GT, Dodge Shelby Charger, Toyota Tercel 4WD, Phil Hill on 928 vs Quattro vs 911


Road & Track January 1983 - Toyota Celica GT-S, Nissan Pulsar, Thunderbird Turbo 5-speed


Road & Track March 1983 - BMW 318i, new Corvette, Mazda 626, Volvo 760 turbo diesel


Road & Track February 1983 - Lotus Esprit Turbo, 911SC Cabriolet, Toyota Cressida, BMW 533i


Road & Track October 1982 - Audi 5000 Turbo vs Pontiac 6000STE, Chevrolet Citation X-11, Izusu I-Mark, BMW 635Csi, Cadillac Cimmaron


Road & Track February 1981 - Renault 18i, Dodge Aries, Escort vs Mazda 323 vs Rabbit vs Accord


Car & Driver November 1979 - Porsche 924 Turbo, Toyota Tercel, Rabbit & Dasher Diesel vs W123 vs Civic, Datsun 210, Corolla, Subaru GF, Dodge Colt and Chevrolet Chevette


Item 3 - £20 delivered


cars by r_welfare, on Flickr


CAR July 1973 - Dolomite Sprint vs RS1600, Allegro, BMW 520 vs DS23EFI vs NSU Ro80, 911 Carerra vs Lamborghini Urraco, VW Passat


CAR March 1972 - Datsun 240Z vs Lotus Elan +2S, VW K70, Renault 5, Lamborghini Urraco, Corvette


CAR November 1976 - Cortina vs Avenger vs Cavalier, Alfasud Sprint, Renault 20 vs Maxi vs Passat


CAR February 1972 - Fiat 127 vs 850, Citroen SM, DeTomaso Pantera, Dolomite 1850 vs Renault 16TS, 911 Targa 2.4, tuned Marinas!


CAR April 1972 - Jensen-Healey, Granada, Vauxhall Victor FE, Landcrab 2200, DAF 55 Marathon vs Toyota Corolla 1200 coupe


CAR May 1977 - Fiat 132, Corvette, Cadillac Seville, W123 240D vs CX2200D vs 504GLD


CAR January 1972 - Maserati Bora, Fiat 128 Coupe, Escort Sport vs Kadett coupe, Cortina Savage V6


CAR August 1972 - XJ12, DeTomaso Deauville, E-Type vs 2002 vs Alfa 1750GTV vs Elan, BMW 2500, Oldsmobile Cutlass, Janspeed Datsun Cherry


CAR May 1972 - Hunter GLS, Trident Clipper, Renault 6 vs Avenger vs Datsun Cherry vs Simca 1000, Clan Crusader, Camaro Z-28, Radbourne Fiat 127


CAR June 1976 - Alfetta 1.6, Lada 1500, Audi 80 GTE vs Saab 99 EMS vs BMW 320, Triumph TR7, Renault 5GTL vs Opel Kadett City vs VW Golf 1100


CAR March 1973 - Peugeot 504 vs Saab 99 vs Audi 100, Citroen GS vs Fiat 128 Rally vs Renault 12TS


CAR July 1976 - Lancia Gamma, Renault 14, Volvo 343, Lamborghini Silhouette, RS1800 vs Opel Kadett GT/E, Cavalier vs Hunter vs Marina


CAR October 1984 - 911 Carerra, Astra GTE, Renault 18 Turbo vs MG Montego vs Cavalier SRI


Item 4...


jalopys by r_welfare, on Flickr


All 31 issues of Jalopy.  Plus the only 2 printed issues of Original Tin by our very own Conrad D. Conelrad.  I'm asking £100 posted for these.  Steep, but try finding another set...



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All 31 issues of Jalopy.  Plus the only 2 printed issues of Original Tin by our very own Conrad D. Conelrad.  I'm asking £100 posted for these.  Steep, but try finding another set...


Pretty good value considering what they go for individually. The Jalopys, that is. Pogweasel once sold a copy of Original Tin for seven quid on eBay, which made me exclaim WTF out loud since I lost that much on every copy. 

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State of play:


CAR - first dibs to Skizzer with Chaseracer as reserve.


Jalopy - first dibs to Dugong with Mr Livered and Guest as first and second reserve respectively.


R&T and Autocars still available.


Still to come - about a dozen issues of Wheels (Australian version of CAR) from the 70s and 80s; plus pretty much every issue of Car Mechanics since 2007, if there is any interest in the latter!

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By the way I believe that set of Jalopy is complete but have never been able to confirm. The niece of Rod Ker signed up to the Honest John forum some years back after someone started a Jalopy thread, but buggered off before I had the chance to ask if Issue 31 was the last!


It took me about three years to build that set up but I haven't read them since I don't know when.

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Serious Joypal envy.


Still treasure my stash, ex-tontops - they've done the rounds among shite car loving friends and like a wanky lop-sided Allegro, bring joy wherever they go

I was just trying to remember who they went to. Glad they are being enjoyed and spread about.


I might even ask for a borrow back when I get some time to sit and read stuff. Keep an eye out for a PM around 2030 :-)

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There's 15 in total - 14 Wheels, one Modern Motor. I will take a pic but probably won't be able to upload until Wednesday.


Issues as follows:


Wheels - March 1978, January 1982, September 1991, October 1988, December 1984, July 1983, June 1983, November 1982, July 1982, March 1975, November 1977, June 1979, June 1975 and May 1979.


The Modern Motor is September 1979.


I'd ask 30 quid delivered for these.

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*** Jalopy and CAR sets gone, Road&Track and Autocars still available ***


OK, here are the Wheels issues (please note the middle one doesn't have a buggered cover, it's just the camera flash):


wheels by r_welfare, on Flickr


June 75 - Chrysler Centura 6 test (aka Chrysler 180 with a 4-litre lump), Leyland Princess, Vauxhall Chevette, Mazda Roadpacer, Fiat 127 test, Renault 30TS


March 75 - Vauxhall Chevette, Escort Mk2, AMC Pacer, BMW 1502 and 528, Toyota Corolla test, Cortina Mk3 4.1 litre test, Citroen GS 1220 Break test


November 77 - five best cars under $10,000 (Ford Fairmont GXL, Mazda 323, Alfasud Ti, Honda Accord, Peugeot 504), HZ Holden, Chrysler Sigma, Alfa GTV test, Subaru 1.6 test


March 78 - Cortina Mk4 vs Datsun 200B vs Sigma vs Holden Sunbird vs Toyota Corona, Jaguar XJ6 4.2 test, BMW 320i test, Fiat 131 diesel


May 79 - Ford Falcon XD launch, Sigma vs Datsun 200B vs Holden Sunbird vs Mazda 626, Mercedes G Wagen, Datsun 280ZX, Peugeot 504 to Darwin and back, Rover SD1 test


June 79 - Holden Commodore vs Rover SD1 vs Volvo 264 vs W123 280E, Falcon XD test, Porsche 924 test, Corolla 1.6 test, Peter Brock's driving tips, Izusu Piazza (Ace of Clubs)


(Modern Motor) September 79 - Next year's Cortina, Commodore wagon, Alfasud Sprint test, W123 wagons, Repco Trial, Holden Overlander


January 82 - Audi 80 vs Renault 20 vs Commodore vs Volvo 244 vs Peugeot 505, Chevrolet Camaro, Mazda 323 SS test, Holden Jackaroo (Isuzu Trooper) test


June 82 - Alfasud Sprint vs Renault Fuego vs Honda Prelude vs Mitsubishi Cordia, AMG Mercedes W123 5.0 coupe, Ford Laser Sport test, Daihatsu Charade test, Shogun vs Jackaroo, Holden Torana history


July 82 - Peugeot 505 diesel test, Accord vs Mazda 929 vs Mitsubishi Sapporo vs Toyota Celica, Citroen CX test, Volvo 760 test, Ferrari Mondial test, Holden Camira scoop, Nissan Pulsar scoop


November 82 - Ford Telstar scoop, Mitsubishi Colt test, Saab 900 APC, Polo, BMW 3-series, Mitsubishi Shogun, Cavalier diesel, Datsun Skyline hatchback test, Lancia Delta, Austin Metro, Triumph Acclaim, Leyland P76


July 83 - Toyota Camry vs Ford Telstar TX5, Honda Quintet test, Holden Camira wagon test, Toyota Corolla test, Volvo 760 V6 vs W123 280E vs Rover SD1 vs Holden Caprice, Volvo 760 turbo test


December 84 - Holden Camira 1.8i, Mazda 929 test, Alfa 33 4WD, Holden Commodore Calais auto vs manual, Buick Electra T-Type test, Toyota 4Runner test, Citroen Australia history


October 88 - VN Commodore vs EA Falcon 20,000km test, Peugeot 405, Honda Prelude 4WS vs Subaru XT 4WD vs Mazda 626 coupe vs Toyota Celica, Lada Samara test, Mitsubishi Lancer SE test, Shogun V6 test


September 91 - Lamborghini Diablo, Subaru SVX, Toyota Paseo vs Hyundai Scoupe, Toyota Camry, Lexus ES300, Subaru Legacy vs Ford Corsair vs Mitsubishi Magna vs Toyota Camry, Ford LTD


£30 posted for these - rare!

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The CAR editions arrived at Skizzer Close yesterday as promised, in a very handsome packaging arrangement.  I'm working from home today and being VERY GOOD about not spending the entire day reading Setright, Barker, Bishop, Blain et al.


Cheers Mr Welfare, you are a scholar and a gentleman.

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