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Ebay shite accessories and giffer trinkets

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I should take up smoking just to justify fitting this to one of my cars. I could probably fit it, that must be the simplest wiring diagram in history. They've even clarified that the car battery must be connected to ground. 




70 amps?! I'm not sure I'd like to wire that directly through a Lucas ignition switch...

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Ah yes.......loom smoke.


I once spent a very stressful afternoon fitting a radio cassette in my mk4 Cortina. Simple job made stressful by my desire to also fit a graphic equaliser in the glove box and end up with no visible wires. The radio on these sits in the top part of the dash so I had to stand on my head to complete the wiring.


Job done I climb into the driving seat to enjoy the fruits of my labour and a fag. Switched on............fugging smoke everywhere and especially from the redundant speaker grille in the top of the dash. Blind panic follows and I run around not thinking clearly till I think to disconnect battery.


Cause?? Well when brain was re engaged I realised I had pushed the fag lighter (close to radio...)in as I switched on the ignition and it just happened that some bits of fag/fluff/shit in it that went up in smoke.

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