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we buy any car


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Took a fucked 04 plate Polo to them a couple of weeks back. It was up on Autotrader for £900. However it soon became apparent that there was a broken spring on the o/s. Having spent 6 hours doing the one on the n/s a few months ago as 'it was like working on a 30yr old car, not an 8yr old one' Volksy said he was not prepared to do it again and i thought i had best not as if he did not eant to, i would not be able to ring him when it went wrong. Therefore they wanged it to WBAC. On the way there the ABS light came on so after some repairs in the car park to switch it off, we went in. WBAC offered them £520. I said fuck that, we can chuck it through an auction ourselves and will get more than that, they then offered £870. £30 less than the asking price on Autotrader £70 after fees).



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Just as a side note here, I distrust any company that claims to buy any car/house/motorbike etc.

I have an 'acquaintance' not a friend, that works for one of these companies. They buy any house.

Yeah, they do. But in reality, what they do is offer desperate sellers low money, then contact investors on their books to bid for the house. The highest bid is offered to desperate seller. Commission taken, investor re sells and everyone is happy. Apart from desperate seller who thinks he/she has actually sold at market rates.

Cynical? Moi?

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The pricks dont leave you alone either even after you've shitcanned their derisory offer.    I had my late Uncle's Spazda to offload (it was a perfect buy, LM,1 owner etc etc) but there was nothing in it for me so I couldnt be  arsed with fleabay.    I went to 3 dealers after WeBuyAnyCarForFuckall and they all topped their bid by a considerable margin.   And didnt wang me for weeks afterwards in case I had  another car to give away....Twats.

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The one I went to offered fook all but we stood our ground and they paid what we wanted. On the books it was probably worth £1,200 in the dismal condition it was in but that did not include the stuff they didn't notice.


They did not check the engine so it could have had OMGHF, they just started it, turned the wheel (i was crapping myself in case the broken spring 'clunked') and marked it down for cosmetic damage.


They obviously have a book price, mark it down, try getting it for as little as possible, but it seems are able to haggle. My mates might have been able to get more at auction but they might not. This way WBAC take the risk and they get their money quickly and easily, albeit a little less than they might be able to.


Its the same with the we buy any house etc. If you bought your house for £40k in 1993, its now worth 150k, have seen a house you like for £200k but just can't sell yours, you may as well take the hit and sell it to one of these places for £135k if you can afford it.


True some people in dire financial situations will be exploited by these companies due to the nature of the business but these people may as well get what they can from these people rather than get well and truly fucked by the banks / lenders.


I would rather sell a car at a knocked down price to one of these companies than get a loan from Wonga to get myself out of a financial situation.

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Also given the amount of timewasting muppets you get when selling a cheap car, as we all know!


The Polo in question was a dog. constant battles to stop the dash being lit up by numerous warning lights, gauges randomly stopping working, ABS failing, both front springs breaking, coil packs failing etc etc etc.. This was all in a period of about 18 months. The final straw was when it got badly scraped and dented all down the OSR 1/4 panel by some inconsiderate tosser in the supermarket car park.


It want to WBAC with at least a couple of these recurring faults, and the smashed in 1/4 panel.


The friends in question had bought another car - in better condition, etc etc for only £130.00 more than WBAC gave them for the Polo. Not a bad result I don't think.


Horses for courses, For my friends, it was ideal. No hassle sale, no chance of comeback when it craps out in 100 miles, which that POS is guaranteed to do, and they got enough to cover most of the cost of another car.

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I decided to try the WBAC website to see what the offer would be for my A4 about 3/4 years ago.


At the time the car had only covered 53000 miles and had a fresh mot and had 6 months tax on the screen and was in excellent condition.

The offer came out at £125 that was before knocking me down on the price and the admin charge for putting the money straight in the bank so I think by the time I got there I would of owed them money.


I did keep getting emails from them for quite awhile afterwards saying I should act quickly but for some reason I declined :-)


I still have the car to this day but it's now semi retired and only comes out during the winter months and is the ideal winter hack as the heater is like furnace and it seems to be the only car around this way that gets up the concrete roads during the snow and ice.


I only moted it again the other week with the only advisory being a cv gaitor which I got fixed, I can honestly say its the most reliable car I've owned and I don't have to worry about rust on the old girl also it's the longest I've ever kept a car.


Also I get a petrol allowance with my part time winter job so it actually has made me money rather than costing so its win win all round :-)

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After receiving a couple of truly dire prices last year from WABC I decided to find out (for a laugh) what they would offer (subject to inspection a their local centre) for the Pride of the Fleet, my 1993 L-reg rover 416 Si. Even after their putrid figures offered for my two much newer cars I was surprised by the result:


£50 less £29.99 admin fee = £20.01. Enough to replace the (MOT'd ) car with a pair of cheap trainers, I suppose.

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