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A good buy.......?


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I purchased this last week. The BMW had a few issues and diagnostic sessions are not cheap.

This is the version 3.0. I could have bought a used 2.0 for less but this has more functionality.

I did notice it could be used to reset the adaptations on the gearbox - for me, the box is the worst part of the car - despite being on it's third lot of fluid in 100k some of the shifts were snatchy.

It also does the same for the engine.

Well I have been pleasantly surprised. The car is transformed. Gear changes are barely perceptible and the engine is much smoother ( I assume it must reset the throttle).

I also fixed the PITA rear windows.

You can use it to code injectors and when installing a new battery. It does mini and Rolls Royce.

I have had the car five years - this is the smoothest it has been. Sad really as I am punting it on after the MOT next month.

Verdict? Very good.

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