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Barrow Wheels: RESURRECTION!


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10 hours ago, warninglight said:

I love that it has the antimacassars! Can you open the rear door from the driver's seat?

Last time I saw it was at Roy's ices in the sunshine.

I'm sure you'll have seen Jonny Smith's taxi videos.

Thank you! They're a factory option for these, as well as the lace curtains.

Unfortunately it doesn't have the pneumatic doors, the taxis got these, but it's possible to retrofit an OEM kit, so watch this space...

I don't think I have seen his videos but I'll have a look for them.

Can't beat a Roy's on a hot day! 

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Let's do some more spotting, shall we?

First, remember this?


Spotted in the blocked-off pocket of a side road near my house, poor little Fabia gained Police Aware stickers and was eventually moved into the back yard of one of the houses along the main road, where it remains, unused.

So, out and about again....


This Mini was in a yard in Kendal, looking like it hasn't moved in a couple of years or more.


And a few steps to the left...


I think that bike is chained to the wheel.  Blingo also looking neglected.

And finally, a grab-shot as I drove home from my lockup...


It's the Saab we're supposed to be ogling, obviously...

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On 5/11/2021 at 1:19 PM, eddyramrod said:

And it's back!


Back where I first papped it too, sporting a new (or more likely used) wing instead of the mangled one, so maybe someone cares for it after all.

Now then... way back in 1976-7 I did a year at art college, so I reckon I'm artistically-qualified enough to judge this, and pronounce upon it.


And the words I pronounce are: fuck me, what an offensive piece of shit!  I mean, what's right with it?  Someone please tell me, because I can't see any such element.


Further updates!  The little Connect has gone, as has the white Trafic/Vivaro that was on the adjacent corner for months.

That pig-ugly Dub though... it turned up in my street for a day, almost opposite my front window!  Since then it's been parked mostly in the next street parallel, behind mine.  God, it's vile.

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Some pics from the Lakeland Motor Museum meet today...









Whoa there, what?


Yes, a Princess HLS, and in absolutely lovely condition.  But wait...


It's even a 2200!  Better than that: just like my first one, it's automatic!






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On 5/29/2021 at 9:36 PM, eddyramrod said:

I've just alluded to this in Huggy's thread, but you might as well have it here too...


1963 Chevy Nova, with a built and blown 350 SBC making a minimum of 600bhp.


And then a 1985 Polo breadvan, owned by a 21-year-old who visits his mate in my street.  Ross (the mate; green Polo) lives at number 12, I'm at number 8.  Tom loves his one-litre Polo and takes enormous pride in it being the oldest car in his circle of friends, with the obvious exception of Huggy since I seem to have been admitted to his circle over the last year or so.

Tom is also a big fan of Hub Nut :)

Hi eddyramrod I have been scrolling and was amazed to find this 😂 I put it in for its mot and got the cambelt and water pump done and it passed with 2 advisories only being really small things such as an oil leak from the sump (we aping) and a wheel bearing on the back (needs nipping up) it's still going and is going for some bodywork and paint when I have the funds and time so until then it's back to work to pay for it. Thanks again for posting it 🤟🏻🤟🏻

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Since the start of the pandemic I've noticed some local cars not moving...


Skoda Superb, anyone?  MoT well out, and it's been sitting on that flat tyre for months.


Two VW Caddy vans, 11 and 07 reg, neither of which has moved since the Plague began.  I haven't even seen any life in the house these sit outside.


Mitsubishi estate arrived around New Year and again is sitting on a flat tyre with no tax or test.  I'm beginning to think these quiet streets around me are being turned into a dumping ground.

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Mits and Skoda have now gone; no change with the vans.

Meanwhile, one of my support groups held a History Walk today, during which I managed a  little spotting...


Heard this before I saw it, and then I had to drag my camera out of my trouser pocket.  Sorry about the quality; it's a Vitesse.



My friends were most amused that I was shooting all these old cars.

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