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Lazy, Sunday Evening Quiz


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"Hello Boys! Did you knowz that many of ze auto-fabrieke have launched ze 'Special Editions' of zer popular cars to increase ze sales, enhance ze basic model or simply make uz to buy an old, run-out model. Just like me!


But kanst du name ze models vot had ze following adorned to zer beautiful bodeez?"


I've done ze first for you!




2. REGENCY(1983)=


3. TALISMAN(1980)=


4. CHINTZ(1993)=


5. GOLD MEDAL(1988)=


6. JUNO(1994)=


7. DISCO(1988)=


8. LIBERTY(1994)=


9. TOPAZ (1975)=


10. PREMIUM(1979)=


11. DEAUVILLE(1985)=


12. STEREO(1982)=



Der ist zo many anoraks on here, I expect theez to be done in ze minutes!! :wink:

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