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2004 Mercedes C180K: Winter/ULEZ Beater of Distinction


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11 minutes ago, RoverFolkUs said:

ALOTDTS [A lot of them, or simply a lot, do that sir :)]

I've often found that to be a trait of the W203. Its certainly disconcerting and takes some getting used to

oh right..how odd. Well good to know its unlikely to be something too serious but will give it a once over and perhaps some new fluid either way 

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8 minutes ago, Stanky said:

Mannol 5w30 fully synthetic in the blue container is 229.5 rated, but for what it's worth, I found you got about 0.3 seconds of cam chain chatter with it from a cold start.

I've now swapped to use semi synthetic 10w40 Mannol which is only 229.3 rated, but zero cam chain noise even on a cold startup after days sitting unused.

No noticeable difference otherwise.

This is on a M111.951 engine though, I assume yours is an M271? 

I plan to monitor, but I tend to only do 5-8k between oil changes

cheers yeah its a M271

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