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Imagining cars that dont exist using AI...


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5 hours ago, MiniMinorMk3 said:

No idea why they all have big V8 engines in

That DALL-E 3 generative engine seems to be obsessed with the V8.  I had enough trouble getting a radial into an engine bay a few pages back.  Even specifically asking for a four cylinder engine weeks later, I still get this V8 concoction that I really don't want to go hunting where a pipe or hose leak is!


Shouldn't complain though, as using the very same API direct from OpenAI who develop it, its use gets restricted behind a paywall.  But now through Microsoft, even an ancient Microsoft account gets free unlimited use.  I still have my original Hotmail account from 25+ years ago getting daft images like this out of the thing  (except I bet you wish I couldn't) :

Volvo Ice Cream Vans








(Still would)

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some motorsport mash ups


1977 lagonda BTCC  entry 



1969 mg bergspyder competition prototype at mont ventoux  hillclimb





1974 zhiguli works racing car on the targa  florio 



1970 riley 5 litre sports prototype at le mans, uk government sponsorship 



Austin-Rover win the 1986 le mans 24hr with a group c prototype sponsored by k- seal 




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3 minutes ago, MiniMinorMk3 said:


WOW that's the super-rare two-cylinder Z1 with front drum brake! Not only that, the rear basket was a Japanese market only option.  Well I never.

Spiderman seen out and about, not quite as surprising though as he did live in digs at Bletchley for a short while after his divorce from Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan from M*A*S*H

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A Panzerkampfkleinwinzigwagen 'Tiny Weeny Baby Tiger' tank seen on the same parade, with its rare Zirkusräder wheelie-pulling assemblies fitted.  


Hören Sie, erwähnen Sie nicht den Krieg. Ich habe es einmal erwähnt, aber ich glaube, ich bin damit gut durchgekommen!

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