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Lacquer Peel

Numbers car collect ion thread.

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It's slow (ISH) but Bucketeer reckon there should be a bit more travel in accelerator cable. It was a bit sticky when I got it so freed it up - but could do with a proper look at.

It will get you home safe enough

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Made it back fine. It goes well enough and laughs in the face of 'maximum speed 30' sliproad corners scraping door handles along the way.

Thanks to snagglepuss for collecting me from Preston and indulging me in driving his other cars.






220 miles = this much fuel. Seems alright since the accelerator pedal was hardly off the floor.

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Please do a little summary of the Puss fleet.... Would be great to read the thoughts...



Mk5 Golf TDI (passenger): an car


Rover 820: It's the 1980s, in a car. Weird combo of slightly crashy ride and wallowy handling (factory spec). Comfy. The M series is quite grunty. I think it's well worth buying and I probably would if I could store it safely.


Smart Arse: I expected it to be awful but it's actually quite fun to drive, the auto mode is dim witted but the manual mode is okay, there is a short delay between changes. Goes quite well when you rag it. It's disorienting to drive because I kept thinking it's bigger than it is, there's a lot of room for people. Bouncy but surprisingly refined.


MX-5: being used to diesels I couldn't find the red line. I can see the appeal of these and even though snagglepuss said the suspension's knackered it felt quite sharp to me. I have thought about an MX-5 as a second 'fun' car and may be sold on the idea now.


Soz, I won't be writing for motoring magazines any time soon.




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What is this vacuum hose for in the 306? I just noticed it has an EGR valve. Ugh.


I replaced the intercooler 'D' seal and the petrified boost compensator hose but it still seems a bit sluggish at low speeds. I think that might just be an old diesel with a wastegate turbo thing - I have been spoiled by the Passat's variable vanes.


I haven't looked at the 205 since I parked it up, I'm a bit scared of it.








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