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Sharleys Random project thread


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Ive been waiting to run a project thread, but as it seems i do so many projects at once picking one is a night mare, plus my plans change faster than the wind, i thought id create a random project thread and id just update it with whatever i was working on at the time. The current list of candidates is as follows....



Vanden Plas 1300 - parked

1993 Mini SPI - finish stripping engine for MG 1300

MGF 75th Edition - NEW - SCRAPPED

Rover 75 - SCRAPPED

Ausitn 1300 GT - SOLD

Purple Morris 1100 - NEXT! - SOLD

Blue MG 1300 - scrapped

Red 1985 mini - engine rebuilt

Green 1971 mini - winter hibernation 

White MG 1300 repaint and rebuild

Blue mk1 Ausitn 1100 welding and paint

Blue mk1 wolesley - decide on future

Baby Blue mk2 morris 1300 - SCRAPPED

Clubman estate - a one day project - SOLD

Magenta kit car x3 ....1 one road, one painted red, one waiting to be scrapped - 1 scrapped, 1 sold

White Vanden Plas 1300 - SCRAPPED


Volvo v70 - SOLD


Mg 1100 - 1963 - With little garage classics being rebuilt.

Mg 1100 - 1965 - SOLD

MGF x1 - one scrapped one now on the road. 

Reliant Robin x2 - one scrapped one now on the road - SOLD

1983 MG Metro - in temp storage

1967 Austin 1100 estate - SOLD

New cars to fleet:

2000 Mondeo TD Estate


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It was harvest gold base, then someone undersealed it...so i glossed it in wilkos black. We sold it in gloss black and the dude stripped half of it and painted the Harvest gold so it returned it us half gold half black. As he'd spent so long cleaning most of the black off we decided to paint over the harvest gold in Purple. I think the black was taken back to bare metal and then purpled....i guess you will find out when you do paint prep. 


Best driveway paint job we ever did!

Shame that it wasn't stopped there. Looks quite good like that! (Well compared to what it is now)

Was the purple painted over the top of the black and Harvest Gold original paint?

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I'm glad I started a random thread so you can see how my projects go. I was browsing the Internet when I came across something interesting. Quick phone call, a viewing and hand over some dosh and I finally have a work shop! So, maybe... Just maybe... My projects will become less random..who knows!!! First I need to move 6 lock up garage and 8 cars in. Shame it's not big enough for all my cars but price was right and it's better than what I had.


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