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Collection thread, Chinese and small


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Thought I’d start a collection thread as I’m off out later on tonight to pick up my latest buy.


It’s small

It’s Chinesey

It’s shite

It has chrome


The best bit is the price = one bottle of gin for the owner and one bottle of cheap wine for the person whose garage it’s stood dumped in.


The second best bit is when you realise that the current owners either don’t care what it’s worth or whether it’s half decent / don’t care about money. I’ll take advantage of both thanks.







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So some were close.


Good story behind this. A friend of the family managed a care work place and the boss bought this for a woman who didn’t drive, so she could carry out care work away from the area.


So she quit and the bike was left 100 miles away. As nobody could deliver it they worked out if they put it in for a service the garage would deliver it back to the area of the care workers. It got delivered to the managers garage and there it sat. She wanted rid, the manager has plenty of money apparently and here we are today. £21 all in really, although I might have to buy a new lid to move it as I haven’t rode one in a few years.


Battery still had some charge after being left since last September, still in it’s three year MOT state until April 19.


Kickstart isn’t on it and some chrome nuts are rusty. Missing the back pegs for some reason.


It’s a 125 carb fed beast with some fancy added extras such as a gear indicator! Whooo!


Sorry to anyone who hates bikes but couldn’t resist



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