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307SW FIN :(


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  • rainagain changed the title to 307SW wake up, now with added welding
  • 5 months later...

The wiring for the left hand sensor was fine so I started trying to remove it. Naturally the crappy 5mm hex headed bolt holding it on immediately rounded. I was going to have to remove the calliper and the disc to get to it. I stupidly read a guide online they said the calliper mount was held on with T47 torq bolts. I’d had the mount off a few years ago when I fitted new discs and I’d managed it with the torq bits I already had. None of which were T47. Thinking I just had just gotten lucky I stupidly spent £20 at Amazon for a 5mm impact bit and a T47 torq bit


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I was able to knock it round with a chisel and unwind it. After cleaning off the rust from the back plate and wiping clean the sensor ring at the back of the bearing, I fitted the new sensor and clipped in its wiring. Then I moved on to the right hand side. The problem here was obvious one of the pins in the connector had broken off. 


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My plan was to cut the connector off the sensor I had just removed and solder it onto the existing sensor rather than going through the hassle of removing it again. Sadly this idea was abandoned as I could not remove the remains of the pin from the car’s socket. The socket was cracked and this seems to be how the water got into it in the first place. The more I tried to pick out the broken pin the more the socket started to fall apart. 

Had it not been seven at night I would have nipped to the breakers and grabbed a socket off another Peugeot, however I had to take the more drastic action of hard wiring the sensor. 

The socket was cut off and the wiring cleaned. This was tricky as the copper was very very oxidised and it took a lot of cleaning and flux to get the solder to stick to it. 7AFFAECB-9591-4AFC-8F23-14AA46F7FBB2.thumb.jpeg.2ea1c02775d8ddc1a3a52c2cb62b21b6.jpeg

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  • rainagain changed the title to 307SW ABS repair
  • 4 weeks later...

Well folks it’s all over. I was driving to work on the day of storm Eunice. One of the joys of living rural is you’re last on the list of gritting. I came round a corner and found a woman had stopped her car on the road as she couldn’t climb the following hill. I braked and my car spun on the ice. 


I ended up on the right side of the road but facing the wrong way. I started to try and turn it the right way round when a van coming the other way didn’t want to wait for me. Just after he went past I saw a pickup come flying round the same corner I had just spun on at high speed. I just sat there going ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’ as I watched him pinball off the van and then come flying towards me for a head on. 


I remember just thinking this is going to hurt, he then smashed into the front of my car and spun it 90 degrees. 


He got out to check I was ok and told me he was trying to get to the airport before they started closing roads. I asked the van driver if he could go up the road and warn other road users, but he just said he had to get to work and drove off. He didn’t leave any details despite having the side of his van swiped by the pickup. 


Just after the van drove off a car came round the corner and literally skidded to a stop within a metre of the pickup. Despite the damage to my car I managed to limp it home. 


I’m gutted I never managed to get it to 200,000 I was only seven thousand odd short. I was hoping to take my time sorting out my Saab I got from Saabnut but it looks like I’m be fixing this a bit quicker! 



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  • rainagain changed the title to 307SW FIN :(
2 minutes ago, GingerNuttz said:

Sorry to see this but it can be repaired no probs. 

I've pulled a lot worse than that in my time, even if the leg is slightly bent it can still be put right.


The windscreen is gone as well, so I’m worried what else is bent. I’ve told the insurance company they can have it. 

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5 minutes ago, GingerNuttz said:

Sorry to see this but it can be repaired no probs

I'd wager it almost certainly isn't worth the time or expense. 

1 minute ago, GingerNuttz said:

12 hours

Charge that at garage rates, you've probably exceeded the car's value before you begin to factor in parts, paint, consumables. 

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2 minutes ago, Crackers said:

I'd wager it almost certainly isn't worth the time or expense. 

Charge that at garage rates, you've probably exceeded the car's value before you begin to factor in parts, paint, consumables. 

I doubt many of the cars that have been restored on here or kept on the road are worth the time or expense 😂

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Just now, GingerNuttz said:

I doubt many of the cars that have been restored on here or kept on the road are worth the time or expense 😂

I don't disagree, but it's a 200K middle-of-the-road French hatch-state with no redeeming features from the era when Peugeot forgot how to build cars. Sod all point repairing it IMO. 

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You alright? Sounds bloody terrifying. Hope insurance isn't a hassle. 

I agree I think you cut your losses with this one and concentrate on the Swede. 

I hate thinking about this sort of accident and it puts me off doing cars up in case I smash them into pieces. 

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Just now, grogee said:

You alright? Sounds bloody terrifying. Hope insurance isn't a hassle. 

I agree I think you cut your losses with this one and concentrate on the Swede. 

I hate thinking about this sort of accident and it puts me off doing cars up in case I smash them into pieces. 

It was (pardon my language) fucking terrifying watching the pickup flying towards me knowing there was nothing I could do. 

Insurance are dragging their heels and I still don’t even have a promised hire car yet. 

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      Paid and picked up today by @Inspector Morose. Awaiting delivery tomorrow by @worldofceri.
      Been a bit of a shit year, so a little Xmas present to myself with some inheritance I received this year. Rather quite excited!!
      Had some issues with the V5 earlier today where it was still on the owner before the sellers name. Got a receipt and the seller seemed pretty genuine. 
      Bought sight unseen, apart from some poor pictures on an eBay auction. So also a bit nervous. Has been regularly MOT'd with no real bad advisories or failure till 2018 though.
      The eBay auction is still about if you look for it. Not the price I paid as it didn't hit reserve, but wasn't massively more. No pictures apart from that and this from a March 1996 Practical Classics

      Hilariously* I think this car actually is now suffering from the issues warned about in this article. 

      Will need some welding to both back rear arches, nearside (bolt on) wing and a-pillar. The pillar is the biggest concern as these can be rust traps that rot out from the hinge. Underside looks good from the photos though. 
      I'm promising myself not to poke to begin with and just drive the bugger. 
      More tomorrow.
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      Then came a T25 camper bought using generous donations from friends and family at our wedding . Bought, and a week later after hovering 15 years of dog hair out of it, we drove it all the way to northern Norway on honeymoon. Used it for a while.
      Bought a vauxhall astra estate (again, it was almost a VW in the sales section). It sucked. It did a year of commuting then it was scrapped. Was gifted a skoda fabia estate by my dad as a sensible run around. 
      During this time my wife wanted a sensible runaround for her and the kids, so we bought a bright orange 1971 beetle (rusty of course) which was excellent fun. People were openly critical of apparent lack of regard for our offsprings safety. I pointed out it had seat belts.
       Due to rusting the T25 was sold as a project, the Skoda was sold for being too dull and a T2 purchased.
      Here is the peak of VW ownership, where the beetle, bay and T25 are all in one place just before sale:

      So now we had two aircooled vehicles, the newest of which was  made in 1973.
      This lasted for exactly 9 months., during which I did lots of this:

      to be repeatedly rewarded with this:
      When the breakdown driver asks how the kids are getting on, you know you've seen him too much....
      I also conducted some invisible repairs on the rusty bits of the beetle. I'll point them out if anyone can't see them:

      A promotion and car allowance then allowed me to purchase a C3 Picasso (best not ask, I hate it). Its purple. I feel like a dick when I drive it. 
      Beetle then had to go due to third child and not enough seats, but it had the good engine, the van did not. A swap occurred. My neighbors love* me and find my antics endearing*. I clearly have no need for a drive or garage.

      After 1 too many FTPs, I was told van or family. I chose family and the van left. 
      I then went a looked at another T25 minibus (three kids now) and was in much trouble for even considering another van. 
      Two weeks later, after some small* arguments* we were in total agreement* and the van was purchased. 
      Roughly 18 months ago - note lovely laqueer peel, mismatched rear wing and low level tide mark:


      After some light fiddling I have made a very basic day van affair, and we dragged it with camping gear and the three kids all the way up to the arctic circle in Finland last summer (wife has family in that part of the world).
      6 days before departure I noticed the rear suspension had a bit of paint hanging off. I pulled and it showed this below:

      Trip to machine mart, a google of "mig wleding for numpties" and a youtube video later and I'd made this:

      and away we went. 
      Here it is in a moody B&W photo  in the land of the midnight sun, which really brings out the high quality paint. the rear suspension is still attached though, so winning. 
      That's an epic catch up post really, but will use this space now to document the exciting* repairs and work done on it to keep everything attached .and working.... 
    • By vulgalour
      Fackin oops.

      My goal was not to buy any more cars but with the Lanchester out of action while we work through it and make it safe to use, and the Princess out of action and needing the engine to be removed (a job I am procrastinating about, and when I'm motivated am thwarted by schedule and weather conflicts) it was getting more obvious that I needed some personal transport.  Something basic and reliable that I know my way around, that's going to be cheap to buy and run.  This is an ideal candidate, on paper.
      Whether I really can just use it as An Car or will end up getting all finicky about making it nice remains to be seen.  I just want some hasslefree pootling for a few months and normally Maestros are just that.
    • By cobblers
      Right so! I was looking to lease an EV through the business, but completely failed due to hating new car dealers, hating touchscreens and eventually settling on a hybrid which is out of stock until mid-late 2022. 
      So I gave up and decided to get a Land rover. I failed at that too, after my mate sent me a link to the advert for this on ebay, at about 9pm. Ten minutes later I had arranged to drive down to see it the next day.

      I'm a glutton for punishment, and I really miss my last t25 so it was pretty inevitable that I'd buy it. It was more money than I'm used to spending on these, but overall I was pleased with the deal.
      A dawn raid by our very own @worldofceri had it delivered on Friday morning:

      It's a Swedish van originally, and was imported in 2006. Incredibly solid, never been painted and a fantastic "worn in" look. It's a 2.1 "DJ" engine which is pretty healthy but as usual is weeping coolant from various places, they all do that sir. A friend has a rebuilt engine on his shelf so I budgeted that into the purchase - We'll see how it goes.
      Totally original other than someone put some mega Fox/Gowesty suspension on it, proper mega bypass shocks with external reservoirs and stuff, so I reckon I can probably take it off jumps or something. I won't.
      My plans are to (after cleaning the filthy interior) to just run it about, more or less as it is. It would benefit from a set of tyres - these are worn very ridged on the fronts that makes it even more noisy and harsh to drive, and has no spare wheel.
      I've rotated the tyres so now the front ones are smoother, we'll see how I get on. I do need to source another matching wheel for a spare as these are full time 4wd so you need to keep the tyres rotated regular and within a very similar tread depth. look - there's even a sticker telling you to:

      I really need to get some new number plates for it! If anyone knows a place who could make some OE style ones with that font all the VW dealers seemed to use in the 1980s, that would be grand - I want some with the dealers logo putting on the bottom:

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