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The Thousand Pound Range Rover

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Short version

Bought Nov 17 with a blown engine

Put new engine in that was worse than the old one

Put another 70,000 mile engine in out of a 330D that I saw running this time


It's got loads of history inc recon gearbox and suspension done


I'm the 3rd owner


Drives ok , no warning lights on , 2 keys, one needs a battery , 12 months mot, everything works inc AC


Needs the blower direction box sorting , it's on your feet, could be 5 minutes , could be 30 mi utes then theres a whoosh as something frees off and it's all working normally

I had a Google and it's something to do with vents, the box goes misshapen, I read a screw in the right place pulls it back into shape


Inner rear arches behind the back doors need welding , heated screen only demists the passenger side


It'll come with the original 18" wheels and wheel nuts as well as the 19" that are on it, but the 18" tyres are close to the limit


Qualifies for modern classic insurance , adrian flux quoted me under £200 TPFT , I went with A plan at £300 fully comp


I haven't advertised it anywhere else yet

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Have you got details on this?

Why did you have to post that , my favourite car ever, what's the story with it

It’s a 1994 W140 5.0 V8 coupe.It’s by no means perfect...the front wings are going in the usual place and it’s got a couple of minor issues...but it’s a good solid base to work from.


Mileage is around 120k, it’s got loads and loads of good history including a pretty full service book courtesy of MB and independent specialists, a decent MOT history with just advisories for a couple of brake pipes on the most recent one in November last year and most importantly seems sound mechanically with no issues other than a slightly loose front drop link that rattles occasionally going over pot holes.It does have an issue with the right hand indicators that stopped working last time I used it...chances are it’s just the stalk that needs replacing but if I ever get a spare hour, I’ll investigate further.


That’s about it really....I’ve been full of good intentions to sort out the wings and other bits and bobs before advertising it on Car and Classic etc where they seem to go anywhere from £3500 up to £bloody lots for mint examples but there’s always something else that seems to take priority and now there’s another W124 due to arrive, this could really do with moving.As it stands pricewise, I reckon it’s worth around £2500 as a useable project all day long but I’d sooner have something interesting/useful in its place rather than the cash. Although cash is good too, I suppose. Shiter’s discounts are available...


Pics as of this morning...












Car is located in the north west, near Pendle hill :-)

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That's why my ears pricked up when you typed 500SEC


I saw a really nice one for sale in Ireland a few years ago that a guy had seriously under priced , it was gone in hours

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Surely somebody wants a quality piece of German engineering with a range rover badge on it , this is rapidly approaching me having to pay another months tax on it



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Surely somebody wants a quality piece of German engineering with a range rover badge on it , this is rapidly approaching me having to pay another months tax on it



Ahh go on then, it would make a nice change to own a car my wife doesn't hate. PM incoming.

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Same - hope new owner enjoys it. :-)

So far I absolutely love it!


No collection thread sorry, since Mr Wack was an absolute gent and delivered it to my place of work this afternoon.


Plan is just to enjoy rolling around in it for a good long while, but if I do ever sell it'll be offered here first.d3b9c4ef00e4613c4c56fff4ec39538f.jpg


Sent from my ATU-L11 using Tapatalk

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    • By chancer
      Moving this over here in case anyone has missed it. Needing this gone within next 2 weeks due to losing parking space. Couple of faults but nothing major. Its mot'd til jan and in good running order. Price drop to £300 as is for quick sale, otherwise i fix the faults and stick it on bumtree for twice that amount! Would make a good winter beater for someone
    • By si1881
      Going to try this on here before the fun that is eBay or similar.
      My mum has recently replaced her trusty old SportKa with a newer 500 and currently it’s just sat in the garage.
      It’s only done 38k with I think mum being the third owner plus a very large file of bills. As you can see from the MOT history ‘a lot’ of miles have been done in the last few years....! Has the leather interior, an aftermarket Bluetooth kit, Air Con that works and four good tyres plus working remote key.
      It has had some attention by a welder in the past but the filler area is solid and other than a few obvious bits on the sills and corners of the rear bumpers is in nice condition.
      If anyone is interested please let me know. I’m back there later this week so can look at the paperwork or anything else on the car in more detail.
      She’s looking for about £750-800.
      Car is currently SORN and located in deepest Lincolnshire (near Spilsby).

    • By Steve79
      Departarting from the norm, I'm being lazy and have actually managed to convince the seller to deliver to my house at no cost. It's only the other side of town but haven't got the time to collect today.

      2 hour countdown starts at 9am
    • By Broadsword
      Hot on the heels of last week’s collectioneering of a Xantia, another collection starts here and now. Well it is probably a collection as long as the car is as described, but I am optimistic.

      Clues. It’s enormous yet quite cramped. Never had one before and it could be considered blessed, saintly even!
    • By KruJoe
      It's the green one.
      If you're proper horny for it then PM me, but anyone with cash can buy a car any time. Meh.
      Would roffle, but CBA with the admin.
      Therefore, funtime!
      Another KruJoe-spec 99p start AUCTION...
      (GBP (Pounds Sterling) bids only, no licked Twixes (John_F, I'm talking to you), bid increments 50 pence or more, that's up to you. Auction ends 24 hours after the last bid. Other T&C's may apply if I haven't thought of them yet.)
      It's a risk, but I'll take it.
      I've thought of a number as a reserve, roughly bridge price plus today's £50 MOT fee, so above that, I'm happy. If it doesn't work, we'll re-think, but his is will be a cheap car for one of you lot.
      Central, so close to everyone on mainland UK.
      Collection: most days/times are possible, evenings are good. Relaxed timescale, storage is not a problem here. I can bring you to it from Skipton bus or rail station.
      The Car.
      My dependable daily for two FTP-free years. Ex-JohnK and Bramz. 
      1.4 Rti run-out model, lots of toys. 
      Cheap tax and cla$$ic policy friendly (£140pa, Carole Nash. A.Flux quoted similar).
      Tested until 31 May 2020, advised on two back tyres.
      Not yet 62,000 on the dial. Likely to be SORN'd before June. V5 here, with loads of history.
      New oil and filter last week.
      Good batt, exhaust, brakes etc. There are a few minor niggles, I've just lived with it. Character, innit.
      Squishy-comfort velour in fine fettle. (Almost) everything works.
      The bodywork scrubs up well but there's some bits of rust if you really go looking. It doesn't stop it being a respectable motor… until… last week one of my favourite brothers rubbed a tractor down the side, damaging two doors and the mirror.

      All still work fine, and I still have the (undamaged) plastic strip from the door. I don't have the arsedness to try improving it cosmetically and I'm ready for a change of daily anyway. The worst would likely push out from inside. As would the small bit on the arch – it's single skinned there. Until that happened, nobody has ever turned their nose up at it, and it has attracted a lot of positive conversation. 

      99p anyone?
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