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Futureshite Rover Streetwise 4Sail...SOLD

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Ok To be honest I'm looking for a bit more than standard Autoshite prices at the moment but thought I'd post it up on the off chance...it's also on scumtree and has attracted it's fair share of wassocks.


It's a prime shite 2004 (54 plate) Streetwise 1.4 Olympic Special Edition which means it comes in a rather fetching metallic blue with some bangin' 17" alloys as standard and the 103bhp engine.


It has an MOT until Feb 2016 with no advisories on the last one and I gave it an oil, plugs and filters change around 2000 miles ago.


Drives really well and shows no signs of living up to the k series reputation.


Only done 65000 miles and I have a wad of old MOTs to back this up.


It's in pretty good nick, paintwork has a few age related scratches and alloys are a bit scuffed but looks mint from a few paces away!

Interior is GR9 except for a tear on the drivers bolster.


Can't really fault it to be honest, only reasons for getting rid are

1)It is only a 3 door (but I do think these look better but needs must)

2)It is a bit pricy on tax at £205 per year 

3)Need something more economical (was still getting 35+ MPG commuting in heavy traffic though and 45+ on a long run)


So here's the important bit...photos;





Oh and it's located in South Queensferry which is near Edinburgh.


Swaps etc. considered (just don't tell the wife)


And before the Roveroffle comments start coming, it may come to that


[Edit] meant to add it does have a small issue of the battery draining if left un-used for more than 4 days, not usually a problem so never bothered doing anything about it and it always starts up again on the first turn once given a boost

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Has someone stolen your garage ?


Ha ha, yes it does look like that - looks like the parking court was designed for garages but they were never built.

Tempted to build myself one in the corner bay using the two walls already there but not sure who really owns the ground (it's not council) - house deeds say we have an allocated space in there but not which one!


There's 6 spaces in there and only 5 are used (two of them by me at the moment) - they're a bit of a mare to get in and out of with the steps and so on so folk just tend to clog up the road instead.


We have a driveway and garage attached to the house anyway so it's a bit of an odd situation.

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So this little beauty is in for a fresh MOT today, can't see it needing anything so it's your gain!


If there's serious interest in a raffle I'd be looking for 59 tickets @ £11 each (but hold your horses for now)


I'm also finding myself looking on ebay for 160bhp kettles to swap in and turn it into an unlikely track car for a laugh (one small problem: I've never attempted an engine swap before - I cant help thinking it would probably be less hassle to buy a MGZR 160 and swap the streetwise bits onto it but that would be a bit pointless really.)

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My bad, I had no idea it was going up to 59.


Shame this wasn't up last week as my brother was looking for one for his son. Bizarrely, a 17 year old wanted a rover 25.



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Ok - a bit of bad news from the MOT centre. For a fresh MOT it will require front and rear offside brake pipes and a nearside front shock.


I have a pair of standard Rover 25 shocks which are a straight swap but will obviously lower it to standard ride height (rears just have spacers to be removed to match).

Never attempted brake pipes but doesn't sound too hard (will need to get the HBOL out and have a look) but I really can't be arsed as it's getting cold and dark in the evenings!




Weekend Special Offer - £500 drive away as it is (with the replacement shocks in the boot)



PS Anyone know how I change the price in the thread title?

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You can change the title if you edit the first post on a computer (rather than mobile) and use the option for "full editor".


Ah, it's obvious now!


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These foreigners coming over here and taking our shite....


So Saturday lunchtime had a reply to my gumtree ad that sounded slightly less like a scam than the others so I decided to take a risk and got in touch.

Come 4pm three Latvians turn up (yes I asked, being of Polish decent myself I feel I'm entitled to ask eastern Europeans awkward questions!) in a beat up corsa, kick the tyres, smoke a fag and hand over the asking price in cash.


Actually they seemed alright folk, spoke good english and gave me details for the V5 which seemed legit and their money tasted fine so I let them take the Streetwise away.


As the saying goes, Gumtree: it is sometimes what it used to not be...

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      It is surprisingly small inside. I went to pick up my big mate last night in it and even with the passenger seat right back he was struggling. He managed once I had reclined it a bit.
      Some pictures. The pictures flatter it.

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