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MO's UMM, what have I done thread! front end dismantling

messerschmitt owner

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I had mine up to 70mph on the M5 on the way home, and the mighty Indenor turbo had plenty more.

At 70mph I ran out of bottle as my Umm is on extra-knobbly AT tyres which have as  much grip as a wet haddock.


Once the wheels/tyres have been changed I shall attempt a new Umm land speed record on a local airfield. I'll try to remember to video it.

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Keep the present colour and add a distinctive* tidemark over the bottom edges?


Maybe just painting the bottom areas you need to weld in a similar colour to the graphics as the present blue is quite nice?


Love the way these things look, the closest I get to off roading is bumping up the kerb outside my house yet I still want one.

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Today's UMM jobs include dismantling the front end.


I have removed the bumper, the lights and grille - it's amazing how little is left after that.  Once away from the edges, the body is looking OK.


Task for tomorrow is carpets out of the cabin, and if I have time, refit of starter motor.


16951025550_344bf560c7_z.jpgIMG_1357 by messerschmitt owner, on Flickr


17136988832_4f848f1c6d_z.jpgIMG_1360 by messerschmitt owner, on Flickr


17137940801_e790c1eb03_z.jpgIMG_1361 by messerschmitt owner, on Flickr


17137882511_cdd8da14e9_z.jpgIMG_1364 by messerschmitt owner, on Flickr


16950740608_3f66e08333_z.jpgIMG_1366 by messerschmitt owner, on Flickr


Bosch pump? Looks like it!

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no pics tonight - they're far too depressing! I have removed the carpets at the front, taken the seatbelts out, and moved the extraneous bits in the way on the front wings.


I also loosely fitted the starter motor. It needs tightened up but is now back and I can make efforts to kick start the UMM next week when I am back from Scotland.


Welding begins tomorrow. Tom, my new tame welder, is coming for two days of non stop welding action.

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What about a darker plain blue for the bottom half? I quite like its current colour.


Seeing it with the front all dismantled makes me wonder what the factory, or perhaps more accurately, shed where these were built was like.


I imagine a cross between a rural blacksmiths and a sheet metal fabricator's shop, with a bored looking Portugese bloke levering open wooden boxes containing engines with a fag in his mouth. And someone's mum, all in black, working up the seat fabric on a treadle sewing machine. And a very hot looking dog wondering about.

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^^ I miss the old bloke who used to frequent my old MoT spot, which was something of a museum piece in itself. Wish I'd taken some pics, never really felt it was on to do so. Said old bloke was an ancient farmer who was about 5'1, bent with hard work and he had the archetypal old jacket on with it and trousers secured with twine. He was a brilliant old geezer, never said loads but you could always have a really interesting chat with him and unlike loads of farmers today, was quite a humble soul. He reckoned that spraying the land was the biggest mistake farmers had ever fallen for. He died without warning late into his nineties - few had realised he was so old.


The garage itself was run by a couple of slightly eccentric brothers, it had been established by their dad in the 20s  Sadly, their sons weren't interested in taking it on. When tests went online they said bollocks to VOSA and jacked testing in, closing the place a few years later. A classic case of not realising quite how good something is until it's gone.


Half-closed - it started shutting in about 2004, this is 2009





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