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Six Cylinders Motoring Notes


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The last Sebring I drove was spectacularly gutless and had suspension like a pissed lilo. 


Still, it was relaxing by sheer dint of the fact it was incapable of rushing. The stereo was also pretty good. 


Which Year/Engine?


The youngest  I have driven was a 2004 2.7 V6 200bhp which was ok. I preferred the look but still with the 200bhp engine of a 2002 which I toured the USA in 2002, 11,000 miles in six weeks I kind of know what I am getting.

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I have cheered up it’s not all bad news:


  •  I have just had a call back from the garage who have organized the head gasket replacement on my 1996 BMW 328i and it turns out that a broken water pump impeller was the cause of all the problems but he does not think it has pulled a head stud out of the block as was feared. He will chase the man doing it and call me next week.
  • My 1985 Range Rover should be ready for MOT next week after its engine swap.
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My Volvo V70 XC came back yesterday with a new hose to cure the water leak! 


I am on my way to Leominster and because the Audi is blocked in after a move round last night to release the BMW 735i to go to a local BMW event, I am going to try out the Volvo which so far has been the most unreliable Volvo I have ever owned!

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Well that all went tits up!


I moved the V70 to load my luggage and the low water light was on straight away so after some bad language I shunted cars and took the Audi to Leominster.


Unusaly for me as I knew I would be alone in a hotel tonight I have bought my laptop and conected to the hotel Wifi. I would use my tablet but I have forgonten the password!

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Today again work has taken a back seat to cars!


Put a pint of water in the Volvo V70 XC and the low level warning light has gone out, it has been driven about 40 miles today and has not come back on but I have not checked it yet.


Took the Mercedes 200TE to the garage to have its non starting and breaking down sorted, it ran perfectly so they asked me how were they going to fix a fault that was not there? Easy I said drive it around take it shopping and it will let you down! Oh was the reply you are happy for us to break down, yes I said and then you won’t think I am a liar!


Collected the 2CV, aerial repaired, oil changed, welding done drives very well.


The new front tyres on the Audi convertible were feathering after only 1500 miles so I had the tracking done, toeing in 7º so I hope that sorts it out.


My local garage fitted the new tyres I bought on the internet to my Citroen GS, I thought about selling the old ones on as they had reasonable tread, then I remembered I bought myself new one because I did not trust the old ones. I left them at the garage to dispose of.


Last job was a hand car wash of the 2CV with a warning about where he pointed his jet hose! I was impressed that one of them got it and drove Dolly to the drying bay with no problem.

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I would have done a separate collection thread but not a lot to it because I took Mrs Cyl by car and the new car had nearly ¾ tank of petrol.


Last week I had a call from my brother to say a very good friend of his was P/X his Mercedes and did I want it instead of them trading it in to the dealer for a pittance. So I asked what it was and the condition, all he knew was it was a 500 Coupe but did give me the number of the owner.


I called the owner and last Friday night we went to view the car, a lovely condition 1993 500 SEC with just a few faults such as small rust holes in the front wings stereo broken, boot electric closer not working, drivers seat belt pass it mechanism intermittent. 123k 7 months MOT, regularly serviced by a local garage with invoices, good tyres and washed for us to view! After a brief look at the car a convivial evening was had avoiding the subject of money but after arriving at 7.30 pm as we left at midnight a brief discussion was held and a deal done.


Collection day today and Mrs Cyl wanted to have first drive. The only problem is it is such an ugly car that does 18mpg!




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