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Shite, avec mk1_4dr


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I have far too much on my plate at the mo but if it is still there at some point over the summer when I have got rid of some of the current stuff I might be interested, as was gutted i missed it last time.


Will let you know if I ever actually get rid of owt.

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That green mk2 fiesta ghia belongs to a family friend, went to go with him to buy it out whitby way last year. Only done 24k from new. Needs a new flasher bulb holder for front if anyone can assist.. Really is a tidy bus and one he'll have for a while.

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If anyone is interested this is for sale. It is pretty mint apart from the rear arches but with it being currently owned (and very probably saved from scrap) by the guy thats doing the bodywork on escRot they could be done for a nominal fee. Its done super low miles (33k seems to ring a bell) and is very original.


Its a 1600, and IIRC on a carb.





I see if I can grab some better pics sometime...

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That's my old 244 DL. The best condition car I have EVA OWND. I bought it off a couple in Wakefiled who used to show it regularly - it had won may show awards and was absolutely mint. They had replaced the interior with a GLT leather one which had had about 10 tins of saddle soap rubbed into it 0- soft as a babies bottom! It was the only 240 in the country with a vinyl roof. It had been bought new in the UK by an army officer who had taken it with him to Arizona where he was stationed for about 15 years with Nato. Nato shipped him back and in the process the dockyard maties strapped it down with steel hawser which damaged the roof. Nato paid for a vinyl roof to cover the damage. The car had the most thorough ownership documentation I have ever seen - every lasy gallon of fuel, 100mls of oil, part had been recorded as had every time it had been washed or waxed. The first owner had worked out exaclty how much the 20 odd years he drove it for cost him. It was a lovely car however it was a ghastly car to drive. 240's are bargelike at the best of times but the early autos had a terrible axel ratio which, when mated to the 3 speed box, returned 70mph at 4000 revs giving dreadful fuel consumption and strain on the engine. This was a step backwardss form the 144 Autos which were much better to drive. Volvo rectified this issue early on. I also had a nighmare with the running of the car - no matter what I did it wouldn't behave itself. I eventally stripped down the carb - this was a refurbished cab and had only done 100 miles and in the float chamber was a 2 inch strip of perspex - this is why you need to keep your work bench clean when working on these things. Not impressed - anyway removing that the car worked a treat. I held onto it for about 6 months - quite a while for me - and then sold it to a dutchman who shipped it back to Holland for his collection and it now sits in his private museum but is used every now and then. I don't regret selling it as it was not a nice drive but it did look soooo cool - I also felt really guilty if I didn't polish the cart all the time and sort every little issue till it was perfect. This is why I won't have a show car again - cars should be used not stared at and whilst this was totally mint was too totally mint if you know what I mean....still it was lovely

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Tatra 613, this is one of the Tim Bishop-modified ones from the 90s.

It certainly is, and it was restored a couple of years ago back in the Czech republic because Tatra's rust prevention wasn't too hot at the time. I've personally pushed that very car when the battery went flat 8)

i just found this which might be of interest: http://www.tatra-register.co.uk/613.htm)

I wrote that page, and the 603 section too

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He wanted a bag for that Maestro, way too much as nice as it was.


Looks like a quality forecourt too 8)


Its on Elland Road, just under the railway bridge, on the left. I passed the place on Monday. He's got a beige 3door Allegro in at the moment, but I had no time to stop for pics. I'm back in Leeds on Thursday afternoon, I'll see what I can do :wink:

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Right, I found some old spots in the depths of my PC...


Giffer owned RS2k. I remember being struck by the headlight covers



Meaty 3dr Sierra



Osset town centre yeilded this 3lt Capri



Parked at the side of the road in Helmsley


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probably something wrong with you if you didn't like that bedford.




Wow thats a rare one. NX13 Pulsar or somesuch. Probaby an Aussie mport.


I thought it was rare when I saw it. I'd gone to test drive a 2.2Auto Accord Coupe (not a bad motor as it goes) and the guy had to move that off his drive to get the accord out. Clumsily styled little thing aint it?

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  • 4 weeks later...

Another few spots from the last week or so:


This was in the local Sainsbury carpark, looked gorgeous parked between loads of black/silver euroblobs. I want his wide steels for escRot.





Proper, metal bodied A Rod at the pub t'other day. Lots of little details make it very special, I actually know the owner quite well (although I didn;t realise he was building this beauty :roll: ) so more detailed pics will soon be forthcoming.




Now, these next couple are quite special*. I went to work yesterday and one of the guys said he'd seen what he thought was a Mk1 Escort languishing behind a house not far from town as he passed on the train.

I knew the roughish area he was talking about so I went snooping this afternoon and look what I stumbled upon...


We saw this first, theres actually something else of interest behind but I didn't have time (or inclination) to get out and start poking around on private land (its not the best part of town)




Then, this was hiding behind a garage, gobsmacked doesn't quite cover it. Its rotten as a pear though :cry:




*I thought they were special anyway.

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Nice spots there, love that old Chrysler wagon. Are you using a lens hood on your camera?? Some of the photos have dark corners (vignetteing?)


I know, I find myself just grabing the first camera to hand, sometimes its mine (the clear, bright shots) and sometimes its Charlottes which seems to always be on the arty 'pinhole' setting.

She loves it, and granted it looks good on some shots and even on the LCD on the back of the camera, but as soon as I get them on a screen at home they're mega dark. Bah, sorry folks :oops:

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  • mk1_4dr changed the title to Shite, avec mk1_4dr

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