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  1. As you may have already seen, it was the 2nd HubNut Social at The Motorist yesterday. It was a good day at a great venue, the variety of car and the weather didn't hurt either. It was a pleasure to follow the @morrisoxide Merc, very enjoyable watching peoples reactions as it cruises by. These are my pics, sorry they are a little washed out.
  2. Wasn't that how many Rover 75s were there? Quality shots @morrisoxide, you've captured some stuff I didn't see, which is nice.
  3. About as shite as a Ferrari could ever be short of a Mondial, a street parked 308 GTS QV. Solid private reg too. Totally would.
  4. I see what you've done there, you had me for a second... Are you still not telling what 60s goodness you've purchased?
  5. Seems fair, it will have tied up a lift and tech for at least half hour. Garages have to make money too y'know?
  6. I popped over earlier but could see you or any 60s Fords (other than Lotus Cortinas and an Escort rally car), hopefully I'll get to see your new acquisition soon enough. They are both TEH SECS. I'l probably take the Auto Union if I had a choice. Was it? It was lovely. Not usually my bag, but that E Type was very fine.
  7. Ah, haha, I'll see if I can grab a few hours to head over. Is it the van you're taking? If not, I'm even more intrigued!!
  8. Ooooh, when's the Ford thing? Might trundle over for it, @morrisoxidewhat do you think, give the Mercury a run and confuse the Ford people?
  9. I hadn't actually thought about it, but yeah 100years and 2months since it was registered!! Mental. It is was quite imposing up close, it made the GT40 look like a toy.
  10. Looking for excuse to use the new acquisition last weekend I saw there was a car and coffee type event being organised buy the online auction platform Collecting Cars at The Motorist which is about half hour away. Seeing how the weather was great and the camera was charged it seemed rude not to have a ride out. I'm glad I did! The turnout was varied and top-shelf. some very spendy motors and some equally oddball stuff. Very enjoyable.
  11. I've used the HR-V all week and identified a few bits that are needed. First, I'm going to have another look at the front brakes, they are squeaking like mad and when I had them in bits last week the calipers were looking tired with perished boots and rust on the piston, I'll have another go at cleaning them up tomorrow but I think a rebuild kit will be ordered. Next will be the duel pump fluid, it's got a grumble at low speed/tight corners so that should be an easy fix on Monday when the fluid is delivered. I'm going to keep an eye out for a better headunit and maybe some sort of mini boot install, we'll see. Other than those small bits, it's been great! Very easy to live with, good heater, great seats and a decent driving position. It even seems good on juice (with potentially a grabbing brake!) I think I'm going to miss having a center arm rest but they were an option so I'll just have to look at every one being broken until I find one. Have some sunny pictures, and a few detail shots of the bits to fix. The only bit of grot I have found on it so far. The dent on the O/S behind the drivers door. Dealerplate/sticker goodness The little dent on the tailgate They do make quite a cool little pair
  12. I've just had a google about, it was actually a CRV advert with Clunes/Morrisey, but I've found the part number for the HR-V shower so it's definitely a thing.
  13. That is strange, what year is your friends? Is it 4WD? I don't know if either of those things makes a difference, but something obviously is.
  14. Now you mention it, I remember those adverts! And now I'm on the lookout for the shower accessory, they are NLA from Honda, unsurprisingly.
  15. That old character sounds like a bit of a legend, or a danger to themselves and others, or both. I bought it from a chap in Manningham, but he'd only had it since 2020, it was supplied new by Chatsworth Honda, which I think were in Derby. I'm sad to see it go too, 3years/30k you can really get to like a car, especially one so comfortable and inconspicuous.
  16. It is the factory optional interior, the PDI sheet is in the bookpack, they called it the 'Type V Blue' interior. It has all of the dealer (Chatsworth Honda) stickers and both plates too!! I'm half tempted to take the plates off to preserve them As for the styling, I've heard it said to look like a jacked up 3dr P80 V70, in that nice Saffron colour they came in. I can see it.
  17. There is a hint of it starting to go on the drivers side rear sill end, I'll get it in a bodyshop for athat and the couple of dents sorting.
  18. I've not changed, I've always liked these and I've had a Honda before with my lil-fated BA3 Prelude. Even after an MX5 and now this, there is no hairdressing going on here friend, my flowing locks are to my arse now anyway!!
  19. The fuel filter on this is underbonnet, in the middle of the firewall, not sure if your mates is different though.
  20. It says bronze on the logbook
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