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19 Years of Tin Snail - Back to normality

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43 minutes ago, dollywobbler said:

In an ideal world, yes. Mine is a bit more faff.  It works an absolute treat though. Generally, I wasn't bothering with sun cream (I did during the heatwave). That was very welcome. It does add a bit more noise, and it does rob the rear of headroom, but I'm very glad I bought it.

Rear headroom is the only downside. I’ve taken the shade off when I’ve done weddings and the bride doesn’t usually like messing her hair. Other than that it stays in place with the roof up or down. My first international meeting was the 1998 Paris anniversary. I drove down, in convoy, with the roof off and my arm on the window frame. A big, and very sore and red mistake. Matts shade is a great invention for us red headed welshmen.

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watched the last of the road trip videos last night and today

Awesome stuff :) 

I wonder what other motorists thought of a 2CV flying past them at 80Mph! :mrgreen:

Just mentioning it as it seems like an easy thing to forget about but when landing back in the UK did you remember to readjust your head lamps for RHD? :) 

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Last night was the first run out in the 2CV since getting home. I fitted a new flasher can relay, so indicator functionality has been restored. Reminded myself that you don't HAVE to travel thousands of miles to find epic views...


Was a two-hour round trip. What was interesting was that it genuinely felt good to be back in the 2CV. That definitely says something, because there are many long distance trips where the last thing I want to do is climb back into the car I used. I need to schedule in some love for this car - kingpin replacement being the major priority.

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Last week, I finally got the kingpins replaced.

Drives much more sweetly now, or she did until I started getting a serious pong inside the car. The sharp tang of exhaust fumes on the overrun was necessitating an open window every time I slow down - at its worst on the overrun. Shoving a bit of windscreen washer pipe in my ear allowed me to trace the leak to the nearside manifold. I reckon it's been blowing for a fair while, but I've had the heater disconnected since the Croatia trip, so only noticed now it's all back together.

So, apart she comes again.


The job is made more entertaining because most of my tools are now at the workshop, not my garage. Still, a standard socket set is pretty much all you need to get this far. Manifold is now free, just waiting for new gaskets to arrive tomorrow, so I can hopefully get it all back together in time for a road run on Saturday (led by the Brownnovas). Sadly, they seem to have forgotten to book dry weather. 

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22 hours ago, dollywobbler said:

Gaskets fitted, new spark plugs fitted. Now just need to reattach her face and conduct a test drive. 

I fear tomorrow's photos will feature a rather large amount of rain. Some serious showers about, yellow weather warning for the weekend. Ideal!

Well at least you're going to be out in a car with excellent weatherproofing aren't you...oh...wait...

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Today wasn't too bad, lovely run out with the 2CV lot.


Stayed dry the entire time we were in Portmeirion. We only got to pose here for a couple of minutes before they whisked us away to the coach park area.

2CV is running much better now and is no longer pinking, which makes me think it must have had a leak on one or both of the inlet manifold joints before. Quite pleased it managed to get to Croatia and back without dying if that was indeed the case! I can now give it full beans on a hill with no untoward rattling.

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Interestingly on the way to Bala there I had a 652 behind and the mildly tweaked 602 behind that and the the chap in the 652 was asking what id done to mine as he said he could only just keep up he (had no more acceleration than me) and we were leaving the other 602 behind at points.

Yet on the way back you left me for dust! Admittedly I was taking it easy on the twisty bits due to dampness... 

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