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which car to take?


what car to take?  

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  1. 1. what car to take?

    • Scoob Legacy 2.0
    • Citroen BX16 Meteor
    • Rover 800 Vitesse Sport

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I've got quite a drive to do in the next 3 days -


there will be a lot of A and B road driving and quite a lot of buggering about at each stop locating specific points - this involves a lot of swearing and 3 point turns in industrial estates...little dual carriageway driving...


So what to take?


Vitty - well it's very comfortable, so far reliable, good on fuel on the dual carriageway but greedy on the A road and worse on the Bs, I've been using this so far


Scoob - sensible option, suspension is pretty hard though - 4WD would be good if the weather closes in - petrol - well as a non turbo it really does drink if driven at any speeds above giffer level


BX - excellent all round and comfortable enough - fuel use moderate but manouverable in town and great visibility....

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Lol....no problem! Will they fit in the back of a BX with the seats down? Where are you based?


BTW looks like it is the BX as we took the Rover to Melrose and back today and I noticed the near side front wheel bearing us playing up...the BX is mechanically much better known to me.

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I voted BX because this is Autoshite. If there's been an option for BX outbound, Green Flag back then I'd have gone for that :wink::D


Me, I'd probably take the Legacy because the weather's likely to be grim and I'm what you Scottish types call 'nesh'. (Or is that a Yorkshire word? Cowardly, anyway.)

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I've got quite a drive to do in the next 3 days -



If you're in by Invergordon, have a look to see if Scrappy Doos is still there, behind Skiach services. They had some solid gold shite in there at one time, but was long ago now.. Go down Alness high st too, over the bridge at the bottom, and turn left- bottom of that road was the FSO dealer I worked in, may be some remnants lying around?

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I voted BX, for all the sensible reasons. You wouldn't be doing such a trip if there wasn't a serious purpose involved, and the BX, by your own admission, is the most likely prospect. If it was about fun though, I can't help thinking I'd take the Rover...

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