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Loopoo going to Car Take Back now


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Work all done, going for a retest first thing.

Annoyingly, my old silver Bini Cooper was spotted as sold on fb market place for 600 quid… grizzle, grizzle grrrr.  That was a decent Bini, hey ho.

Got window winders on the way, found a better radio in the shed, new wiper blades turned up this morning.

Am sure it will drive much better with the new clutch…. It better had lol.

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The garage bloke said they hadn’t done anything oil related, but then I reminded him that when the car was dropped off last night they mentioned a small oil leak, this was due to the sump plug washer, they drained the oil, replaced the washer and refilled the oil, job done…..

Coolant bottle virtually empty, no evidence is leak, so topped up. 

I noticed that the nice new egr valve had a small pipe sticking out the side, I looked for anything that should be connected to it and found a narrow hose with a right angled end tucked up by the engine cover…

Messaged back and he responded by saying that the pipe must have been blown off the egr valve. No mention of the coolant…

They were in a hurry to get to Oulton Park on Friday for their track day….

They will be here tomorrow morning to resolve the issues….







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I reckon they removed the engine cover when doing that EGR valve. In pulling it off, that pipe came detached from the airbox built into that cover. However given it's a zip tie attaching it, it probably came off without them even realising it should be attached. If it had a proper clamp then it would have stayed attached when they pulled it off. 

Have you tried taking the cover off and just popping it back on? Ideally with a clip instead of a zip tie 😅

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I would agree but they drove it to mine, albeit a very short distance away.

Anyway, found a small enough jubilee and the pipe is back in place. Coolant level is fine too, runs up to temp without issue.

Got another door check strap as both missing, someone has hacked away at the fucking apeture on the drivers side, passenger side is unfucked. God give me fucking strength.

At least the interior is coming up well enough.

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£100 TONITE M8 etc. etc.

I don't think I would trust the diagnosis of your local garage - their workmanship* speaks for itself. Spend a couple of hours checking the basics (including a compression test - valve issues would be the only thing that could result in game over). If that's all OK, get yourself a copy of VCDS Lite to interrogate the Lucas Bosch smoke.


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Drained about 150ml or so of excess oil, so now it sits about 3mm below the max indicator. 

PAS fluid is quite low so will top that up tomorrow, brake fluid is clean looking but again, quite low.  I imagine the spark plugs are probably in need of a change too. Not entirely sure when the oil was last changed, or when it was actually vaguely serviced,  not recently springs to mind. 

The new O ring fitted to the temp sensor is marginal. I have ordered a new sensor which will plop on the mat tomorrow.  I tried the same fix on my old Mk3 Golf, I ordered a full replacement the same day…

Seat back tilt handle on its way to me for the drivers seat.

The interior is responding to scrubbing thankfully and I will lob in a spare radio/CD player at the weekend.  Will sort an oil and filter change next week.

Jesus H Christ….. Now I can’t get the bloody fuel cap to unscrew. The key turns in it but the bastard just spins around. Is there a knack before the hammer and flat bladed screw driver gets used.

This will be put into use for 6 months or so if possible, through winter then binned off on fb or a cheap roffle maybe. 
It is fun to drive now the clutch works properly and it is nippier than it’s bhp suggests, it’s a neat little buzz around but it’s royally  pissing me off in too many other ways sadly to be remotely long term in my ownership whatsoever. 
 No more cars apart from another MGF when mine finally dies.  Sounds odd given my history but enough is enough, this is the car that has finally nailed the car ownership coffin shut. 
The T4, X type and the MG are it. Fuck it.




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16 minutes ago, purplebargeken said:

Jesus H Christ….. Now I can’t get the bloody fuel cap to unscrew. The key turns in it but the bastard just spins around. Is there a knack before the hammer and flat bladed screw driver gets used

As far as I know if it's locked the cap just spins but doesn't unscrew. Unlocked should allow it to spin off. The one on ours is a bit temperamental so we just don't lock it.

To be honest it sounds like you're working through all the faults that cheap cars have but most people just ignore, I tend to be the same although there's always a few things I just put down to old car foibles. 

Most Lupos seem to have permanently on EMLs too, I'm going to try a fix on ours but otherwise it'll just extinguish it for the MoT again (lambda fault)

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