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The Wolseley Six


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The Haworth cars. One Six, one 18/85 with Six lamp finishers? Or two 18/85 with Six lamp finishers and one with a Six bumper. Arghhh...


Difficult to tell for sure, but four, as against two, vents behind the grille wiskers suggest a Six as does the black headlamp surrounds and lack of over riders. Bumpers them selves are the same. Sixes have four wiskers and 18/85s have three.


Another (often over-looked) diff. is the grille slates are wider apart on the Six as it has a rad behind it, where as the 18/85's rad is on the ns wing.


Of course if you really want to be confused have a look at this one :-


http://www.flickr.com/photos/34768930@N ... wolseley6/


DVLA says :-


The enquiry is complete

The vehicle details for HWN 900L are:


Date of Liability 01 01 2011

Date of First Registration 05 01 1973

Year of Manufacture 1972

Cylinder Capacity (cc) 2227CC

CO2 Emissions Not Available

Fuel Type Petrol

Export Marker Not Applicable

Vehicle Status Licence Not Due

Vehicle Colour RED

Vehicle Type Approval

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OK first off not an expert here so the following may be complete cobblers, feel free to correct or diss as you see fit:


As has been mentioned in another thread in Aus they do a 6 cyl version of the A60 and I think that the Wolseley badged version of this is a 24/80 (2400cc / 80bhp ?). The car does not have the BMC 'C' series from the 6/99 or 6/110 but a instead has a local 6 pot variant of the 'B' series.


Edit: Its on Wikipedia under 'BMC B series engine' gives it as 2433cc

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simmo gets the prize, it was an aussie Wolseley 24/80, exactly like the one in this link (even the colours) but with 3 speed manual trans. None of that fancy 4 speed stuff for them!

It was a fairly unusual car even in the late 60's as the did not sell well.

http://www.wolseleycarclub.com/index.ph ... eley-24-80

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Nice car, Intesting pictures, 1963 car but with the high fins like an earlier 15/60, not the clipped 16/60 ones which would be expected on a 63.

The 64 had the clipped fins, possibly 1 year behind UK due to very slow sales? Or maybe just because no-one cared a lot :)

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Looks really strange with the manual gear lever on the floor and the auto selector still sticking out of the dash!


I hadn't noticed the gear lever so much as the "extra" pedal. :)


I'm just amazed they still keep turning up!


I like the transporter the seller has, could fit my whole fleet on that. :D

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