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Ever wondered what was the most reliable car in Europe in February 1974?........


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No, me neither, but I found this while clearing more crap at my Granddads, and thought if it was of interest to anyone, it would be this corner of the internet - Feb 3rd 1974 Sunday mirror


Thought it could at least get an airing here before it goes in the recycling bin (unless anyone wants it, in which case message me your address and I will put it in the post).

I know exactly why  Granddad will have kept it - The VW K70 came out top, and he will have been selling them at the time.  I'm not sure whether to be surprised it came top, or whether they just never sold enough for many of them to break down.


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Those numbers are amazing, kinda shows how far we've come. Modern cars will have RPH(repairs per hundred) targets in the region of 1-2.

Special shout out to the Fiat 125 for achieving 108RPH, ie the average customer had to have theirs repaired 1.08 times.

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