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Unnecessary skinflint fixes/bodges, that look shit..


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1 hour ago, Kiltox said:

Depends how much you value your time - painting wheels is a fuck on. 

Playing cards around between the lip and tyre, takes 5 minutes to do all four wheels, then another 8 or so minutes to do two laps of the car giving them two light to medium coats, then 3 minutes to pull all the cards out. 


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1 hour ago, Dobloseven said:

That looks like the grilles the limousine and hearse converters put on to disguise the fact it's really a Mercedes or somesuch. 

I thought I had made it look bASe spec!

A guy gave me a thumbs up the other day, I assume it was for the quality of my handiwork.

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1 minute ago, RoverFolkUs said:

Shitty workmanship really boils my piss, but this is just something else. 

Car came in having had a clutch elsewhere, awful vibration through the cabin at idle and the car was shaking (when driving) so badly it was undriveable.  

Had a look, when rotating the left front wheel it was clunking and the engine/gearbox was physically swaying left/right 

Pulled the inner driveshaft boot off (held on with cable ties and leaking grease, very suspect) and was greeted with a dribble of grease and glitter. 

Inspected it to find this: 


One of the roller bearings had popped off and instead of putting it back together properly they just stuffed it in there and hoped for the best 🤦

Clearly they had yanked on the driveshaft, popped it apart and had no idea on how to put it back together

It wasn't salvageable as it was as it had been driven on for a number of miles as it was, totally fucking it all up. 

The engine mount was completed knackered, whilst dropping the engine during a clutch change is part of it, it's not their fault it's knackered, but they should have picked up on it. 

And yes, they were the guys who could "do it cheaper" 🤦

Someone else's handiwork! It's not even cosmetic like the other gripes in this thread

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On 18/06/2022 at 12:18, stripped fred said:

I would like a strada. This is autoshite after all. I love the design, and especially the wheels on this one.


I beleive that is a Mk1 , I had a Mk4 with the 4 headlamps , differant wheeles  and it still rusted ...

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