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Rob's thread of complete scrap


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On 3/31/2022 at 7:37 PM, moosemansjukebox said:

HOWEVER. Being the Streetwise, it's not going to let me off that easily. While taking it for a spin to test the new belt, the "boot open" dash warning light has started flickering on and off while driving. I suspect some water ingress to some cabling somewhere as it's been raining today. To quote myself: "I really don't know why I bother with this car."

Check the wiring where it comes through a rubber pipe from the roof to the top of the boot lid. A common problem on Rover 25s/MG ZRs is that the wires get chafed where they come through, and end up earthing on the metal body. I assume it's the same layout on a streetwise! 

It happened on my 25 where all the rear lights would stop working randomly! 

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Panda update!


What is this, a BATTERY FOR ANTS?

Anyway, the rocker cover gasket is leaking oil from pretty much every possible angle 😆 



Definitely one of the more fiddly rocker cover removals - mostly because of some extremely brittle plastic clips that hold the injector wiring. They pretty much disintegrated when I touched them. Oh well! Cleaned the mating faces, added some RTV sealant and re-assembled. 


And a new air filter while i'm here.


Next up, a deep-ish clean on the outside. A jet wash in Morrisons after a sausage roll, then some autoglym bumper plastic restorer on the plastics. This stuff smells great.


Finally some t-cut on the yellow-ey headlights and a quick wipe - it actually looks pretty good for a 9 quid roffle win!!



Current job - apply copious amounts of  cleaning products on the seats and hope for the best.


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Minor update on the fleet:

Panda has been sold (to another shiter :))
The Streetwises power steering woes have fixed themselves

And i've finally got round to using the R8 a bit more - needed a jump start as it's been sat for a while but still drives great! Just been for a leisurely drive around the peak district to charge the battery.



AND I've found an original 200 series sales brochure on ebay from 1992.






Am I going to be spending my Sunday evening reading about 90s Rover trim levels? Yes.

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