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Ford Mondeo: Season 6 cancelled

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I have to say I have mixed feelings about the death of Mondeo and as I have never owned one and would have never bought one new I suppose I should have nothing to say about it. The only Fords I've ever owned were both XR3is but I feel an affinity for them since I passed my test in my Dad's Cortina.

I suppose Ford are right to kill it as so few were being sold, but I wonder how they lost it with this one. They always had aspirational models such as Lotus, 1600E, 2000E, Ghia, Cosworth etc for Cortina and Sierra but don't really remember anything like it for Mondeo.

Obviously the rise of the SUV must be part of the answer, I noticed that What Car magazine have six sections in the buyers guide of different type of SUV (one ludicrously being Sport SUV!). I can't decide if the public gets what the public wants or the public wants what the public gets on this one. Certainly I don't aspire to an SUV and most look awful to me. Of the ones that look ok is Ford's Puma which also gets good reviews, including the Puma ST which is rather stupidly a raised suspension Fiesta with lowered suspension! Strangely one I feel I actually could live with.

Blimey I didn't realize how much I've been waffling on, the reason I decided to post here was because only recently I saw two articles in different magazines about the new Mondeo soon to be released as an SUV!



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