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Mudsters Swindon Spaceship


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I’ve been here a year or 2 now and haven’t done a thread on my current car.  This will mostly be on the Civic, but others in the fleet may occasionally appear.

Having run  a 335i for 7 years as a daily driver without any problems I figured I would get rid before an expensive bill made an appearance. Needed something capable of a regular 300 mile round trip and spotted a Civic diesel at a dealer in Stoke. 

Quick test drive confirmed it drove ok and deposit deposited. Went back the following weekend to collect and a new battery was fitted as the old one failed to hold a charge. Result.

Its not quite as refined as the BMW but still a very relaxed cruiser doing approx 2000rpm at 70. Drove the 50 miles home with no issues.

Pictures are at the dealer when I first looked at it back in February 2019. 





Got a few more updates to add which I will do over a few posts.


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Back to that new battery. Within 2 days it was flat again. Bugger.

Google fou established that the Bluetooth phone connection modules go faulty and drain the battery. Sure enough, removing the unit restored reliable electricity and a Bluetooth box plugged into the radio enabled phone calls and audio streaming.

On long runs the fuel economy is pretty impressive. As is my inability to take a good photo.


Still cleaned up quite nice.


Summer 2019. Whilst away for a weekend, I started the car, heard a bang from under the bonnet and the interior filled with diesel fumes. 

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So this was Hondas first real stab at a diesel and the engine is reasonably refined, economical and has a real good pull from 1500rpm.

But boy did they drop a goolie with she fanimold. It’s a 2 piece welded affair and the weld cracks Later modified to a single piece cast affair. Of course I was oblivious to this little fact until after purchase.

There were no online guides for this and there is easier access to a Yorkshiremans wallet. I’m from Yorkshire before anyone complains!

It’s not noticeable when driving but when stationary it quickly becomes unbearable. Decided to have a bash after the car came back from the MoT and reeked inside. How it didn’t get a mention is anyone’s guess.

So jacked up


Spanner’s twirled for the subframe to come out


And turbo off


New and old manifolds


And new fitted


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I wasn't aware of the type r connection. So my diesel has type r bits. 😀

Yeah its an EX with HIDs and nav. The nav looks a bit dated but for a 2006 car, still does 7 digit postcodes and has a 2018 disc (£10) so fairly up to date for functional purposes.

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19 hours ago, bezzabsa said:

always see these civic 2.2 dizzels going for cheap...whats the crack , as the petrols seem to hold value !!

When I looked 2 years ago the diesels were £500 more than petrols. Maybe thats reversed because Dieselgate. Petrols can do big mileage if well looked after but they've fallen into uncaring hands these days. The diesel can routinely do big mileage even with a little abuse and its such a torquey unit its really relaxing to drive. Its my first diesel in 30 years driving and I kinda like it for an car duties.

18 hours ago, Noel Tidybeard said:

if you look up its skirt you will find 4 tail pipes becos race car!

Exhaust exits with 2 downturned pipes, one each side behind the bumper. The pipe through the triangular exits in the bumper are just fakery.

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2 hours ago, Mudster said:

The pipe through the triangular exits in the bumper are just fakery.

I don't think they are. At least I seem to remember on mine when I was putting the bumper back on. There was two down pipes on each side but the triangles also got a pipe out of each of those downpipes. 

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I seem to remember that diesels at the time required the exhaust to be pointed downwards. So presumably the main exhaust does that to meet the requirement. I guess Honda couldn't bring it to themselves to make those triangles fake.

The low spec 1.4 (presumably for the giffer market) have plastic infills for those triangles to be noticably not there and plugged. 

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22 hours ago, bezzabsa said:

always see these civic 2.2 dizzels going for cheap...whats the crack , as the petrols seem to hold value !!

Spaceship Civics held their values for ages and then in the last year their values dropped off a cliff. The generation after (mk9) is a lot more traditional than the mk8 but much better built with less rattly, better fitting trim and the like. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

I thought the actual exhausts pointed down and the tips pointing rearward were just fakes. Not tried poking anything in there to check.

Anyway I have the MoT tomorrow, so time to place bets. Thats if test centres are not forced to close through the lockdown which Boris is widely expect to announce. Would prefer to get a proper test than an extension. Fingers crossed they stay open.

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Only chain slippage I have read about has been on a 1.8 petrol. There has been a lengthy recent thread on a marque specific forum.

Anyway failed the MoT, booohh.

For the most stupid and embarrassing of reasons. Fuel cap missing. I can only assume I got distracted and didn't replace it last time I filled up between Christmas and New year. Replacement sorted from ebay and hopefully soon on its way. What a dumb fail.

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9 hours ago, Noel Tidybeard said:

you have done well there as the cap is attached to the car with a string! lol

Should be but mine has never had it. Hope the replacement does as a new one is £100 from Honda. Got a secondhand one on the way which was still £30 so an expensive memory lapse.


1 hour ago, SiC said:

2.2 ctdi chains can stretch but according to @twosmoke300 that's usually from running them low on oil and/or missing oil changes. However going by the amount of high mileage diesels about in the Accord/Civic/CRV, they can easily do big miles without too much bother. 

Yeah plenty of the 2.2 diesels do big mileage which was one of the attractions of the car. Rust is reassuringly absent as well so hope this one lasts a fair while longer.

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Well I added this used cap

in order to gain this clean pass


Unfortunately the mileage has gone down as it wasn’t recorded correctly at the first test, but nothing to get worked up about.

Glad I got the pass as I need it next week for a 300 mile round trip, as unfortunately  I lost my dad last week. May give it a wax this week even though I know it’ll be filthy again.


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