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Daihatsu Fourtrak Project - Rust don’t live here anymore


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  • 4 months later...

Long overdue update:

Interior welding completed, and seam sealed up (this left it all 20 different colours:


Under back seat area, much new steel here


Several types of primer on the inner arches

3B90AF6F-34E5-4237-8ADA-674D9497485D.thumb.jpeg.5a3d669de1f37b939e5df9adbec312f5.jpegso I painted it blue


a Fourtrak with a boot floor 

53A28D7D-D6A4-4C67-88FB-BFD9A6C40FA6.thumb.jpeg.3d6a91762cff28b2560de409f567b3dc.jpegstarted to put the trim back in, after drowning the innner bits in Dynax S50 cavity wax.


refitted the roll cage and seat belt mounts for the rear seat belts.

Quick flash back to what this all looks like:


Fourtrak with the structural strength of an apple pie


Fourtrak chassis. Which is good.

would have been better if there was a floor above it


when people say “just grind it back til you find clean steel” what they are really saying is “I’ve never owned a Fourtrak”

So, I’m still going with this crap pile.

And I’m even putting it back together.

Even my mates think I’ll finish it now, they’re more supportive now, after originally being a bit “WTF you doing you maniac” for a fair while.


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  • rickvw72 changed the title to Daihatsu Fourtrak Project - Rust don’t live here anymore

Rebuilds continuing


roll cage and seatbelts in


luxurious trim and carpets fitted, my vax machine looks worried at the tone of the carpets.

83BBE2F1-F532-4C4E-B04F-FB695B55FCF2.thumb.jpeg.2bdf5474fafc0593dc79cf9f2e124c63.jpegrear seats in now too, again when the vax calms down I’ll carry on.


Quick progress montage, from the beginning



Under the rear seat and floor when I took out the trim

A7785534-C00A-4BCE-B299-2F29E259E81A.thumb.jpeg.eb2b11dc265dd8b61231249d2f2b4d71.jpeg Inner arch to boot floor seam. You can just about see rot around the roll cage and seat belt mounts here on top of the arch.

floors and inner arch (all pics drivers side btw)



removed the bad stuff


added some good stuff 


All this floor ties together in the rear arch


Ground up and primed the interior started to look promising

inside came together 




then shiny 

Not to neglect the under side


epoxy resin primer 


3M Schultz final coating.


looks nicer without the carpets.



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Log of work so far:

- Replace rear chassis crossmember

- repair rear chassis legs both sides

- fabricate and replace rear chassis spring hangers

- repair and refurbish rear suspension arms

- o/s rear arch tub, (5) repairs

- n/s rear arch tub (4) repairs

- fabricate floor sections for car floor and boot floor

- fabricate and replace floor crossmember’s both sides 

- Fabricate inner sills (both sides)

- Fabricate / repair middle strengthening sill

- Fit outer sills (bought these on eBay, very impressed)

- repair both rear inner and outer wheelarches

-fabricate rear inner wing metalwork around fuel filler pipes

- fabricate inner and outer rear pockets (behind rear bumper corners) both sides

- strip and clean underside

- rust treat underside (used only bilt hamber)

- heavy zinc primer over weld joints/ seam seal

-epoxy prime underside 

- shultz underside

- paint interior

- put back together 


whats left

- every brake and fuel pipes knackered

- repair front panel (started, not finished)

- prep and paint bodywork outer repairs like sills, arches

- put front back together

- Finish interior (front seats really)

- mega service (all oils / belts)

- new clutch and gearbox leak (common issue)

- new shocks / exhaust

- sort fuel tank out 


As I said to the Mrs a few years ago “I’m might weld it up, but I’m not gonna restore it”





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