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SD1 Diesel, talk to me....

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And turbo or not, the Rover had the measure of the costlier 604, at least on paper:






And likewise the W123 in 240D and 300D flavour:




The TD varations are estates of course - T for Touring, not T for Turbo. And there wasn’t any W126 diesel option in the UK, with or without turbo...I think ever, certainly not back then.


Extracts are from Car magazine GBU, Dec 1982.

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Does that pic mean you've bought it then, ianamk?


Just a year or two after the SD1 I think, when Volvo 760s had those weird brushscript badges.

I think the D24 makes the VM diesel seem quite refined.

The CX finally received a turbo diesel in '84 (there'd been a na diesel since 1979 but 90 was top whack) which would reach 120mph and felt really fast. The na ones were extremely diesely, but worked well and were refined at 70-80.

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No, the Maxi diesel was a 2.25 Land Rover engine, mounted transversely and with the gearbox dropped into the sump.


The diesel Allegro did use a VM unit, but it was the 1700 3-pot as used in the Alfa 33. Being a triple it was short enough that they could keep the end-on gearbox.



Disclaimer: some or more of the above may be bollocks.

What a load of nonsense, everyone knows the Maxi diesel was based on two A series blocks bolted together in opposed piston configuration.

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Yes, and to be built at Acocks Green. Tony Gilroy closed this plant and moved V8 production to Solihull alongside the 4 pots.


Screenshot_20190303-161148~2.png Screenshot_20190303-161223~2.png

If that design had been perfected and put into production I think there would have been a big market for a powerful lightweight diesel.

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