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  1. Here's my issue. In exchange for a new transfer box and tow bar being fitted to my 110, I have said I will deliver 10 gearboxes to Ashcroft. However this leaves me with the issue,I cannot tow a trailer to the garage......as the garage are fitting the tow bar! So, does anyone have an empty trailer in the Southampton/new forest area they need moving up to the Silverstone area.....flexible on where I drop it off . Otherwise I need to drive the 110 down, get the train back then go back later with the Range Rover and the required trailer...... Many polar bears will be killed and many dinosaurs will be recycled if this is my only option.
  2. The puddle on the floor wasnt quite deep enough to sail a boat.....a small dinghy perhaps
  3. No to distract from the awesomeness of old Land Rovers. If you are driving a vehicle under a 3rd party extension on a private policy,the other vehicle must also be insured by the owner. So,it must show as insured on the MID. Trade policies etc differ
  4. The Peugeot rides really well! Did anyone grab a photo or me and poor Rachael on the Peugeot? P.s if you turn the fuel on....the KX60 works again......I haven't told Natha
  5. Add me to the list....could a small green Kawasaki make an appearance? We even have one in pink now!
  6. Love it,genuinely one of the best compliments received! We are trying to decide what European police force will be parking cars next year......but I feel I've set the bar rather high! The Car and Classic write up is probably one of the most in depth write up to dates,excellent!
  7. By the time we got to 10:30, both me and my fellow officer of the law were exhausted! Basically we were being more flamboyant in our directions and clapping every italian car.....mearly waving non Italians in. Surprised I missed a Ferrari ! The idea of the Carabinieri was conceived on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning was ordering army surplus trousers(they are genuine 1983 Carabinieri trousers) followed by purchasing 120m of red leccy tape from screw fix.....only 90m was used on the Landy. The stickering was done in my single garage as it was raining outside.....hence the wonky effort. So when I said months of planning.....slot is last minute. Com
  8. I will tow the company line for the first paragraph. Thank you all who attended, it takes a huge amount of planning and we all volunteer to man the event....its not in our contract to impersonate a Police officer or dress like an 80s keep fit fanatic. It's nice to see our efforts resulted in an enjoyable day! Now,towing the personal line. I am well aware I let a "few" Autoshite members into the classic car parking without a ticket, I'm yet to receive your bribes so a parking ticket is on route!! However, I refused to put a faded MK3 cavalier into a carpark,surround by dull plastic blobs........I may or maybe not be responsible for parking a certain car near the toilets. If you have any images of me wafting around or abandoning the Defender,feel free to share! Never under estimate what 90m of red electrical tape can do! If you have any feedback or ideas,feel free to PM me.
  9. I have skimmed the thread, but I have a fair chunk of experience with getting written off cars back on the road, reversing destruction orders and dealing with stolen vehicles( I only cut up blue ones) First of all, the vehicle is not showing as stolen - this shows the Police are investigating, by the looks of it at a slow pace. If it had been "stolen" a tow truck and a traffic car would be outside your house! Put the car in the garage and be helpful to TVP, provide a copy of eBay adverts, statements showing cash being withdrawn,insurance certificates etc. If it was a log book loan scam,you would of recieved another type of letter.
  10. I have a long standing agreement with my wife that I can only accept free cars....however I do look after cars and never sell them!!!
  11. That car needs go live on and become a legend....just saying. Does it have a locking wheel nut key?
  12. Sneak peak,but I'd want to put a 3500 badge there.....just to annoy folks Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  13. I work for Hagerty,we do stuff like this... But I'm currently at home drinking so canny comment professionally at the moment
  14. Key lights are awesome.....only topped by a car with pop up head lamps AND a key light
  15. Yeah,well the rat race ended for me before the flag dropped! Less than 3 miles from home I picked up a screw/nail/ unicorn horn on the front right- not a problem! Well,the from tyres are less than 500 miles old and the well known,national tyre supplier clearly forgot to put the locking wheel nut key back! School boy error on my part. BMW recovered at the cost of £70,new tyre £70 quid,locking wheel nut key will be £3.50. Best of luck with it, I set you the target of 250,000 miles! Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  16. Ok,so it's an awlful car.....but it's created 45 replies,that's surly enough to warrant a rescue effort. I will make contact with the owner next week and start showing an unwilling interest.....constantly using the word Free!
  17. I love a V8 SD1, a fella at work has a brown 2.6......I constantly remind him it's a lesser car...... He loves people asking him if it's a V8,honest! So,today I've discovered a Turbo diesel SD1, never heard or seen of one before and there is a risk this one might end up going the way of so many others. Anyone has any experience of them? I assume it's a Land Rover diesel engine?
  18. It's surprisingly difficult to get a lift to London, to look shifty in the early hours and get a set of key's and log book for a car .......I really should have more dodgy friends! Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  19. To keep drinking and watching this awful film or.....go to bed Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  20. So,can I start another glass of red knowing this is sold and I don't need to be circling the m25 at 3am? Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  21. It could go tonight.....to a loving home! Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  22. Now,where will the keys be? And what time will collection be from?so many questions.....so much red wine! Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  23. Adoption applications like the RSPCA, maximum 500 words and 5 photos Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
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