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eBay tat volume 3.


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These are one of my favourite shite cars of all time: EMME LOTUS 422T






Sadly its a trip to Brazil to get one and they are not shite money. One for the lottery win i think

What the frig? Never seen these monstrosities before.




US$156 million was invested in the project yet less than fifteen cars were sold and it's believed that only three or four cars were licenced for the road. The project ran out of money and production stopped in December 1999.

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Excuse my bias towards old Rangies, but at (currently) £1010 and no reserve this has bargain potential.... or it could sap every penny you have and your will to live. Needs a new tailgate (£300 for a new ally replacement) and tax and I would want to be sure that the EAS was functioning properly, but if it goes at under £1500 it could be a steal.  



3hrs to go and still under £1500. Might have to call the bank...

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Stick up the dole office by driving there in this with your private on the BRU number plate.

It looks cheap at £350. If you could sort out that rear bumper and stick some proper trimz on it I recon it'd be smart.





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