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Oli’s cars Reliant Jubilee Robin, Rover Metro Rio, Rover 211i, Rover 75 Club CDTi Tourer, AC Model 70


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Pallet with some sturdy castors on to roll around once on the ground.

Couple of big sturdy poles to slot through pallet to lift it off the trailer with a couple of helpers.

We got TPA out the van by sticking a ladder underneath in exactly that way.  Front was lifted to ground level, then we slotted the ladder under just in front of the rear wheels, me on one side, husband the other.  Easy.  Trailer should be even easier as you'll have better access rather than trying to work around stupid bloody Transit doors that don't open nearly wide enough.

Would have been far easier if I'd have realised at the time that taking half a turn off the brake adjusters would have made her roll once we got to the ground!

Could be a good place to find some parts contacts that show. 


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I stopped posting again didn’t i

Anyway some things have happened not invacar related sorry Dez! the 25 is now repaired e68915a3c3962104bb261714d41b4e34.jpg his only happened tonight so no pictures in the light yet I have also decided to keep the CityRover so have been changing nuts and bolts to stainless and polishing it etc cae419a810eb055c3e5d3ffc4c15a11b.jpgbbcea130ca8bc39e74e8586ffc924b9e.jpg and FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER there is some Metro news it has got a new exhaust! cf1b65f8a75e273b0bc2a2c928b85eda.jpg its a sportex one for a bit more noise but not too much so the cat is still on also because that might be the law and i do want to pass an MOT but that will probably end up being in 2030

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On 12/14/2018 at 7:50 PM, Joey spud said:

Your Jubilee Robin brings back a memory of my dad wanting to trade his 21E Regal VKP881J for a Jubilee saloon at Friday's garage in Gravesend circa 1981.


Much to my upset the sale never happened as they wouldn't give him enough for the 21E and instead he bought JKN306N a caramel 750 Robin from A.A Hitch and son in Maidstone.

A A Hitch - in Knightrider Street IIRC! Remember that place (Ex-Maidstone resident). Sold Suzuki's as well I think? Just looked on Google maps - hell, that's almost all totally changed! 

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