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Found 5 results

  1. Well after being on this forum for many years,and being without a car for five years,today I very unexpectedly bought a car.I had been rhinking ahead to my future plans with my Mrs and also commuting to work on a bike in winter is no fun so had been half looking for a car,then this popped up ten miles away,a 1999 Rover 416si with 35k on the clock.it had one rusty wing which I'm going to hope to replace,other than that it's very good,one previous owner,no service history sadly so I'll be giving it a full service,but I tend to do that anyway.Interior lights don't work and I need the code for the
  2. After BMW dumped MG Rover in the year 2000, things were not good. The Rover Group had been relieved of its most valuable assets in Land Rover and MINI, being left with the new Rover 75 and the ageing 25 and 45 ranges. Land Rover had gone to Ford, to join former British Leyland stablemate Jaguar. Meanwhile the new owners of MG Rover, the Phoenix Consortium, paid a nominal sum of £10 to BMW, with £500 million going the other way to secure the short-term future of the company. Despite derision towards what BMW had done to Rover, and jubilation among the Longbridge faithful at new ownership,
  3. As a sort of Jay Leno on minimum wage and an admitted car addict what should be my next bargain buy? I have a history littered with old mainly British cars and the oil stains on the drive to prove it, however with the days of cheap Triumph and Morris motors over where do I go to get my fix? The time when an Allegro or Vanden Plas could be picked up in the local classified section is long gone and people have now accepted Metros as collectable. Hell I used to be a weirdo for seeing a BRM Rover as desirable and not just an old motor with a tacky interior and a hooker's lipstick. Now I have alway
  4. Hadn't seen this in a few years, always seems like I'm watching it for the first time. Thought someone else might appreciate seeing it again. http://www.veoh.com/list/c/MGROVER
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