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Radio Code Help Please


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This came with a BFO folder of bumph including stereo instructions, but no clue as to what the code for the wireless might be. I reckon it's the original unit, as nowt has been messed with on this car. I don't want to be locked out of the head unit. Does anyone have any pointers for me? Thankyouplease.




PS, I  also need someone to remind me of a good reason why I paused my hedonistic japes in sunny Chiang Mai last week, and came back to this miserable hole. Cheers.

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No clue behind the ashtray / sun visor / glove box. This car hasn't been messed about with much at all, and I don't reckon this original radio has ever been out.

I had another trawl through all the papers again, turning up scaremongery from KwikFit, and gems such as this route map from a Renault promo day (Nice to Monte Carlo)




...and a posh lunch menu from a Renault staff training event:




After a full 45 mins of reading both sides of every bit of paper, I found it!




I'm off out to try it now. If it works, you get to see what the suits at Renault had for lunch that day.

Stand by...



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You know what that means!

Thank you all for the replies I should have looked a bit harder at the start. I'm gonna write the code on the front of the folder now. 

As an added bonus, have a pic of a fancier one from the same M...AOT litter. This one popped up on ebay last week, with three times the mileage of mine:



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So has someone just hoarded a load of random promo material or was that a press car?




Bumph hoarder I reckon.

This menu pre-dates the car - that's a mk1 19 in the pic.

Also, mine's on an 'M', so one of the last. That's when the Megane came out I think.

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