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Datsuncog's Heaps: 20/07/21 - Torque to me...


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Oh, it's been driven plenty over the past four months - and driven pretty hard, mostly at motorway speed, and sometimes at something above motorway speed (hence the unwelcome ANPR tug at the end of June).

A quick check suggests it's covered 2,000 miles since returning to the road in mid-March, so I'm not sure the EML's on because of a lack of use - and it was bowling along merrily at 70 at the point the light pinged on. 

I'd thrown a Redex chaser down the filler neck along with the first few tankfuls once I got the battery issue fixed, just to try and keep things sweet after the months of inactivity, but I'll have a go with the Cataclean stuff too and see if that helps.

I'll be taking it out tomorrow morning for a motorway blast along the M5/M2, so we'll see if the light stays off...

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200 miles since Friday morning; and no sign yet of the EML returning.


Though, in best Cosmic Joker fashion, when I went to plug in my iPod to the mechless Pioneer head unit for some 7am DJ Shadow to soothe the soul, the whole unit went dark. It still hasn't come back on again.

It was fitted properly using the proper connector looms, rather than bare wires, sticky tape and chocoblock, so not sure what the issue is. Fuse is fine, and it has done this intermittently before, but only for a few minutes.

Typically, removing the unit to check it will require dismantling half the dashboard including the HVAC system...

Hey ho.

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