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Rainagain's S80, now FOR SALE, now only £749! Roffle?

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I did some more brake tickling tonight, I fitted the adjusters I ordered, no difference. I then removed the drum (disc with combined drum) off the other side, the shoes on this side look hardly worn compared to the ones on problem side, this suggests the problem has been going on for quite a while.


Even with the hand brake cable completely slackened off the left hand side still binds with the new shoes. I swapped drums around between sides and the fault stays on the same side so I can rule the drums out.


It is almost although the mechanism that pushes the shoes out when you pull the handbrake on is wrong. I checked it is completely in the 'handbrake off' position when the cable is slack by comparing sides. My new plan of action is to increase the size of the notches in the shoes that engage in the mech and thus increase the clearance between them and the drum.


Also whoever at Volvo came up with the stupid spring clips that hold the shoes needs to suffer a terrible death, they are the biggest PITA I have ever seen.

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Thanks for the suggestion. The outside lip of the new shoes do look a little scuffed so I suppose they could be dragging.


Ordered a set, I'm sure if I keep throwing money at this it will eventually be fixed 😞


So far:

Shoes £19

Adjusters £15

Spring kit £9


All for a brake i never use as it's an automatic.

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I found removing and installing these springs a nightmare, so I did a couple of things. Firstly I cleaned up the slots the springs fit into. Secondly I took a bolt that would fit inside the spring and cut a slot in it. So now with a 13mm 1/4" socket and a 1/4" screw driver handle I had a handy tool for installing the springs.



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Guest Hooli

That bolt is great. It's one of those brilliant tools you're glad you made & will never find again when you need it.

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Rock on, dude!!!! Feckin springs. Glad it helped

Totally, thanks again!


Funny story...


I was short of time so I left the none binding side alone. Took it for retest today, and guess what the side I didn't touch wasn't good enough.


I have now installed the new springs and shoes on this side too, with a other retest tomorrow morning.


Third time lucky I hope

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Step 3: unbolt power steering pump using the handy holes through the pulley and lift it out of the way

Step 4: remove all wiring from alternator

Step 4: remove bolt through the front of the alternator and then the two bolts holding on the air con compressor

Step 5: wiggle the alternator out and remove from car, try to keep all skin on knuckles and arms


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When I got the car and took it for tyres the guy fitting them kindly put it on his ramp, whilst on the ramp he give it a quick check over and found that one of the front drag links was knackered and one of the rears was slightly worn. I bought a set of four so I can change them all at once.


Starting on the rear drag links, the lower nut is easy to access as you can see



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The fronts weren't too bad to get done, the passenger side one looks like a recent replacement so I've kept it as a spare.


The driver's side one was very knackered, what's amazing is the sound proofing is so good you couldn't hear this inside the car despite the state it's in.


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The Volvo has been doing its best transporting me to work and just completed a recent work trip to Peterborough and back quite happily. As the miles are racking up it was due an oil change. When I bought it I ordered plugs, oil filter and an air filter from carparts4less, but on checking the service history it had been fully serviced at the last service so I just gave it an oil change when I first got it. So this time I decided to give it the works.


Things got off to a great start when I realised I had forgotten to order an oil filter, so I used my Halfords trade card to grab one for £6.45. With the oil draining I starting removing my handy breather additon so I could get on with removing the plugs.


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I thought the plugs looked really worn when I removed them but the new ones electrodes weren't much longer, I've never seen plugs like this before. Anyway I cleaned out the recess in the head and fitted the new plugs. I removed the air filter which looked almost brand new (which makes sense as it was only changed less than 20,000 miles ago) so I just gave it a blast of compressed air and put it back in.


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Next up was fitting the new oil filter and this is where the fun began, I fitted the new element and the new seal to the filter housing and screwed it back together. I filled the engine with oil and checked for leaks, it was leaking round the filter housing :(


I removed it, which involves losing some of the nice expensive 5W30 fully synthetic oil check the seal was ok and reassembled it.


It still leaked.


I did this again.


It still leaked.


I removed the seal checked the groove added some silicon grease in case it was not seating right and reassembled.


It still leaked.


Frustrated about wasting 45 minutes and a fair bit of oil I took the new Halfords seal off and fitted the old seal, a pictures is worth a thousand words as they say:


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Due to needing a six seater, I've now bought a 307 SW so my S80 is for sale.


Some info about the car starting with the bad/to do
Non-working driver’s heated seat, I checked this through DICE, unfortunately the faulty driver's seat also knocks out the passenger one from working, because Volvo. Not too much of a worry as the engine heats up within minutes anyway. According to the Volvo forum the most likely cause is a broken wire in the seat base which can be fixed by removing the cover and joining the wire
Rear passenger door has a dent in the top part that someone has tried to knock back using a what looks like a pick axe, I've tried looking for a replacement in a couple of scrappies in the last couple of weeks and not found one in the right colour so far, I will keep looking and if I find one I will replace it
Faulty rear parking sensors - I've now determined that one of the sensor's is faulty the rest are fine, I've seen them on ebay but there are two types so until I dig a bit deeper I don't know which one to order, either way they're not expensive
When you first start it you get a message saying the alarm needs services, this a common fault due to the battery pack in the siren failing to hold charge, after a couple of seconds this clears once the battery level is ok.

Here's the to list of the good stuff/I've done to the car most of which is covered in this topic


Sorted sticking rear caliper
Serviced engine
Fixed oil leak
Changed cambelt (this was a full kit not just the belt)
Fixed non-working boot lights
Sorted small rust blebs on driver's door
Fixed drivers air vent
Replaced starter motor
Replaced alternator
Replaced 4 x drag links
I've also rebuild the handbrake with new shoes and springs so it has the rarity of a decent hand brake.
Changed front wishbone
Replaced broken dash cubby hole
Sorted broken driver's electric window
Fitted bluetooth/USB system including roof mounted microphone, you can take calls or listen to the music on your phone all controlled through the factory stereo
The cruise control works great
Dual zone climate control with working air con
The MOT runs till January 2018
It has done ~105,000 miles with a pretty comprehensive service history including a bill for the replacement of the throttle body (known fault). I used this quite a few times this year on trips from home down to Peterborough (~700 mile round trip) and it's a lovely quiet motorway cruiser with very comfy seats. According to the spec checker in DICE it has up-rated speakers, I can confirm it has the best sound system of any car I've every owned. I'm going to very much miss this when it goes but needs must :(
The shitters price is £999 OVNO with an exclusive shitters pack of a new unused air filter, ~10 litres of 5W30 fully synthetic oil. Based on the prices of those on gumtree with 150,000+ miles it will be going on there at £1200 minus the shitters pack, which will be going on ebay.









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This is a beaut and with all that work a bargain. Sadly I'm after a manual derv version but otherwise would. Don't let 140bhp put you off, I had the same combo in my V70 auto of similar age and it drove great and this can't weigh any more. Apparently the 170bhp only makes a difference to power once revs hit something silly for an auto anyway.

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      With the month of January nearing its end, the time has come to let go of the Galant. Its been an absolutely brilliant car while I had it, but with my move to Edinburgh approaching quickly, and the lack of space to actually store most of my cars anywhere (I'm sure theres nothing to worry about), this one needs to go. I've written plenty about the car before, if you want an extensive amount of photos you can check my general fleet thread here or check my cross European collection thread from December here.
      If you can't be bothered, here are the details.
      1995 Mitsubishi Galant GLSi Hatchback
      1.8 4G93 petrol and a manual
      Just 61k miles, I've put around 2000 of those on it myself over the last 3 months, with a trip to Germany and back again resulting in no real complications.
      MOT until June
      In general, its in incredibly nice condition. As far as I know, it was granny owned and always garaged, with it not doing many miles at all over the last couple of years. It was then used by a family member since around May of last year, until I bought it in October. Its clear that its been well cared for, without any bodges or stupid modifications to be found at all, excluding the painted wheel trims and radio.
      MOT history looks great, too. Its generally rust free but apparently did get a patch underneath a few years ago, which still looks solid. The bodywork looks great, with no damage or corrosion visible anywhere. There is however a giffer scrape on one of the corners of the rear bumper, and unfortunately, an H from the Mitsubishi lettering is missing. I've therefore deducted 500 quid of the actual market value from the asking price.
      Mechanically it is very solid, too. The front tires show their age and the idle isn't where it should be (members of the Autoshite team have concluded after some collaborative fiddling that it might need a new coolant temp sensor, idle control motor (the one that opens the throttlebody) or something else. Fortunately everything is cheap and all components extremely easy to access so that should hopefully be a quick fix.
      All of this is getting way too long so just have some pictures.

      I might have to add that this happened on the Autobahn. Probably the fastest it ever went in its life.

      And look how practical it is to boot!

      I've set the ticket price to 7 quid which should be fair. I've got a strangely high number of people showing interest in this car so I'll just give everyone the chance to acquire it right here. 
      Lets go!
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