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Shite in Miniature II


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JM clearly is a winner. I got my bridge camera out last night & snapped the Vanguards SD1 Vitesse, fettled XR2 and chav edition Fiesta L, that camera really picked up the oversized metallic flakes in the XR2 paint. I wish they'd do a Ghia version with vinyl roof and Ghia alloys.








Warm hatch






Brit bruiser

















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The ones still having access to a memory may remember that I snatched this at a recent toy fair.





Well, today I received a parcel from that France.

It contained this:





Which enables me to do this:





But wait, that's not all!


In the haul containing the boat, there was also this:




It's my only Norev with a tow bar, so it's been relegated to do this:






But wait!



That's not all!



I also got this vintage Norev promotional kit:




They made bags from non warping plastic, matchbooks to enable kids to set their models on fire

and stickers to be stuck to white R16s!

I believe that the boat and trailer were originally sold as a set with a 1957 Chrysler New Yorker convertible as the tow car. I am knowing this as I have such a set and have a feeling that I must have bought it when I was knee high to a grasshopper on a day trip to that France place. If I wasn't feeling so lazy I'd take a photo or two but I'm all comfy on the couch. Should you wish to see this magnificent combo I'll venture into the model car museum upstairs in Impala Towers when I'm feeling livelier with my trusty camera device. Other Norevs are lurking in the museum as well!

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I am now going to discombobulate JM with not one but two Norev 1958 Chrysler New Yorker convertibles, each with their own boat. Forgot that I had two in different colours as you do. Other Norevs lurking in the cabinet. Anglias on the window sill. More Norevs elsewhere in house somewhere.













Norev Anglia love.


Because I lurve Anglias.


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Painted plastic Norev Simca 1500? Now that's indeed rare.

Could you please post some detail photos of that one?

Your wish is my command. However it is a Jetcar de Norev and thus made of metal unlike a real Simca 1500. It is parked with its plastic estate version complete with wonky opening tailgate. I also found a metal Norev Chrysler 180 the other day, remember buying that back in the 70's. 









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