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  1. Does that include your admin fee for change of policy? If so, depending on how many months you have left, the Almera IS cheaper to insure. I always get stung the £25 or whatever - even when it's an online change and you have paperless settings. Needless to say swapping cars every 5 minutes can never end up saving you money.
  2. I feel a new thread coming on: Car photo bomb
  3. I'm no numpty, but for the hassle involved MOT man is fitting a new hose. I'll be driving it home tonight!
  4. Shonky Ebay Alfa in for it's MOT at 10am today. ML05BGE for all you MOT twitchers out there. I'm expecting many rust credits to be achieved.
  5. Bonnet catch broke on the Beater Romeo. You wot m8? Forty parnd for a new one, no problemz I is engineer innit.
  6. Booked the shonky Alfa 147 in for a MOT tomorrow. Last night I went out to do the simple pre-MOT checks. Says me: "Rear wiper perished (fine not testable), little more rust on the sills than i'd like (better not poke it), oh and what's this - front fogs not working. Never mind, i'm sure that's not testable, I wonder if it's the bulbs, how do you even get to them on a 147? I know i'll open the bonnet." ..... Bonnet release comes off in hand with a very loose cable. ..... "bumhats" (or words to that effect) It's snapped off at the latch. A non opening bonnet is a refusal of test I hear, so my best option now is to undo the three retaining 10mm nuts on the latch through the muff shaped grill. Handily 4 of the 6 grill screws were finger tight and I managed to undo them from the outside. This has given me about a 3x4inch hole to put my forearm into to try and access said nuts. I managed to get bottom centre off, top right is going to be fun!
  7. Huzzah! Reminds me of when a Citroen specialist called Michel came to fix my Dad's efforts at fitting a replacement engine to our 2CV. It fired into life without the exhaust fitted, me & a mate thought a spitfire had landed on the driveway.
  8. has 12 Krispy Kremes but eats sandwich - DOES NOT COMPUTE.
  9. Great info thanks! With the gear lever spring, is this usually a problem at the stick end or the gearbox end? I think with my Multipla (cables) the stick is all waggly without the cables attached to the selector and it's the selector itself that has the centering spring. I believe you have to withdraw the selector from the gearbox which Is as daunting as it sounds. If I end up having to do the clutch - i'll investigate further. i'll try and give the paint a little test tonight and see how it responds.
  10. LE62 doesn't look anything like BELL
  11. I have no idea. How can I find out. Is it on the first page of the handbook? Basically I won it at 10am, picked it up at 1.30pm and drove 2.5miles home. I then spent the rest of Sunday pretending to the missus that I didn't want to go outside and play cars. It went ok but the clutch is very high, the seller said it was slipping when fully laden in top gear - I can't confirm this yet. The main problem is that the gear linkage centering spring has gone which made the notchy 6 speed slightly more difficult to engage the correct gear. Otherwise the guy selling it was a bit of an Alfa enthusiast. He had two gtvs. One was supposed to be a low mileage, barn find with a rebuilt engine. It then had some issue with the balancer shaft which he suspected put the timing out. Anyway the point is that he had been burnt on ebay from sellers giving vague descriptions or just plain lies so wanted to advertise this with no guarantees. I went to see it before hand to try to gauge how much it would be to get through the MOT. He said the tyres were probably due on 2 wheels for instance - what it actually has is 4 pirelli Pzeros with 5-6mm of tread. The body work needs a clay bar, cut, polish, wax but even then there's a couple of dents and scratches. It's had welding to the rear of the sills already (shock!) But the guy suspected they were due to poor quarter repairs blocking up the drain holes. They've been patched but by a reputable garage who incidently are currently restoring a lancia beta. I'll grab a pic sometime. It's done 164k but sounds good. The seller said it had oil changes religiously every 10k. I've no reason to doubt. Will try to MOT this week.
  12. I've accumulated a small stock of parts to sort out the Multipla's knocking suspension and also do the timing belt and water pump. Unfortunately with three kids I rarely get the time to stop everything and fit them. I'm too tight to pay anyone else so what I needed was a practical, reliable temporary car to fill the gap while I took my time over the Multi. Of course said replacement should require minimum fettling and also be quick to sell on when I'm finished. Hmmm..... To be continued....
  13. I like this, looks unmolested and an Auto. It's at a salvage place though so need more details. It's on way home from work if anyone wants me to grab a reg. Ebay ad
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