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  1. Aye @Amishtat, where abouts in Braintree? I'd happily take a 30mile detour home to set eyes on that pair.
  2. May be try cranking it over at night time and see if you can see a myriad of electrotricity going everywhere except where it's supposed to. Asked me Mum & Dad to look out for anything local and this little gem came up: https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1732698002.htm/ You already have brown, beige for the full autoshite livery.
  3. It's not the same mouse is it? Where are you releasing them? Perhaps identify the next one with some nail varnish (Other Greenpeace friendly ideas are available).
  4. As i'm after a diesel 7 seater... 1 random please.
  5. ^ great question! Also, how does range equate to time? if wind resistance wasn't invented, could you travel for 2hrs at 30mph or 1 hr at 60mph given a 60mile range? Or do you find longer slower journeys more taxing on the battery? Do these have any regenerative doo hicky?
  6. DC you crack me up! You r gud with wurds. Seems all Binis use oil and anecdotally they seem to get addicted to the stuff if you ever let it go low. Considering buying the mother in law a bottle of 2-stroke for hers.
  7. I know we've had the insight but probably the mk1 Prius also. This one's in that there London. https://www.gumtree.com/p/toyota/this-is-toyota-prius-high-hybrid/1361314476 I'm trying to figure out if they have 3 x 3 point seat belts in the back seat. if they do this could be the Multipla replacement as apparently it's also now future classic $$$$.
  8. He was welding up the frame for a friend. Proper legend this guy. I asked him if he could take some tyres of some spare wheels i had once. "Erm, £3 or 4" he said for a pair. He said they charge him £2 each to scrap them. That's why I keep coming back.
  9. So the Multipla needed two tries at getting the MOT this week but we got there in the end. With my cars it's a story of attrition. Check out how much mileage I've added in 12months. Bear in mind I drove the Jag about for a month or so, and I bought the Alfa 147 in sportyshites hands for 3 to 4 weeks while I fitted the lowering springs and timing belt to the Multi. This cracking mk2 is the MOT man's. He says he did it once in his teens/twenties and is doing it up again properly in his 30s. Gave the guy a box of celebrations on my way out (bribe for next year).
  10. Have we had this yet? Dyanes don't come up that often and this one comes with a galvanized chassis. You just have to fit it! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153753293185
  11. Dilemma: Multipla mot booked in for Tuesday. Handbrake is being a bit of twat and binding on one side. Replaced caliper. Still binding slightly and properly need to adjust the balance of the cable as the other side comes on way before the problem side. Also, the sodding airbag light is on. Tried to clear with MultiScan Ecu and red jumper cable but intermittent low voltage on driver and passenger side airbags wont clear. Any ideas how to proceed on the airbag issue? Finally I've been offered a £500 Cat D repaired '09 Astra 1.9cdti 150 3 door with 150k miles. Will have 12m mot after the weekend. You can see what I'm thinking, park the Multipla and run the dizAstra for 12m and wait for the Fiat to fix itself. What you lot reckon?
  12. For sure working from home wont suit everyone, everyday but for a lot of twats like me travelling 50 miles on Essex's most congested roads just to spend 7.5hrs pretending to work and 0.5hrs forced, unpaid lunchtime in a place not of my choosing, it seems like working from home is a low hanging fruit. Lift sharing makes sense too but from experience i'd rather cut my head off with a toothbrush. Perhaps squeezing a 5 day week into 4 days, or 80% of pay but pay 1.25 people for 1 job. Etc etc. Anyway this is all getting too political. Back to autoshite. I'm trying to figure out my next wheels, the Multipla has been running sans EGR for 12m so my NOx bill must be through the roof. It only manages 45mpg so not astounding considering I do 25k a year. I think a C1, 107, aygo might work best for me. Simple, 50mpg, low NOx and soot. Just invest in a nice plush coat.
  13. Beautiful prose, Bravo! Genuinely made me chortle coke out of my nose.
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