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  1. Fairy muff. Me, I've always been around diesels, grew up on farms, apart from the 2CV all my parents cars were derv. I used to love the smell of fresh petrol, specially 4 star, then too much of my youth spent cleaning out carbs etc and now it just gives me a headache. I work with Diesel every day (engine test beds) and I've come to love the smell. Recently came in to contact with a scandinavian synthetic diesel (HVO) and it was as offensive as margerine. As for the sound, the growl of my Alfa 147 mjet JTD was addictive and 5 cyls have a lovely warble. Straight 6 dizzles can give a great burble almost v8 like. Anyway, not to take your train off the track, totally accept that a Panda is not a great application for a diesel and that a 1.2 Fire is. On that subject my parents have expressed interest in a facelift 500. Is the 1.2 still the best all rounder? They asked about the TwinAir but I heard they're not great (fuel or reliability)?
  2. Go on then, I'll bite, what's all the hatred for dizzle?
  3. Can you see it? Only a bloody Lancia Stratos. Weapons grade shite. A120 near Colchester.
  4. Inspired! Wheely bins are an ideal height. Not good working area when filled with nappies or dog turds though.
  5. When did Peugeots get so damned sexy? Future shite right there.
  6. Is it the Perodua Khaleesi on Ebay with the black six spoke alloys. They look just a little bit special.
  7. Scrap the Ronda, that Yaris looks ace. How much does a timing belt, HG and a set of bolts cost for this pile anyway? I'd offer to keep it at ours but a) it's not that local to you and b) the garage is full of useful* things like dusty exercise bikes and broken childrens toys. The waf wouldn't let it stay on the drive as the neighbours started rustling the curtains when I had the Golf and Alfa too. If you are proper stuck give me a shout and I'll try to clear a space.
  8. Moving on up! £300 Kent https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/daihatsu-move/1352762713?
  9. C1 with manual windows. £850. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/900292463664701/
  10. Oh bloody hell I love these. Keep trying to convince the wife she needs one so I can get rid of the Multiplop and Eggs type. This one looks really clean from that pic. Ace seating and a cavernous boot. Top buy!
  11. I fucking hate Top Gear and the three wankers who presented it (with possible exception of JM), but that Africa episode where the white Beetle followed them about as a threat of 'this is the only sensible alternative'; a Dacia Sandero Access on PCP should be the Autoshite version of the Beetle. Sensible Affordable Dependable
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