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  1. That's the reason I sold my 2cv and replaced it with a van. My kids would never travel in the back (well they did once and given they've never travelled in a car without belts, they were not keen) so it seemed pointless having a four seater.
  2. Keen to get more work done on the van since we can't go out. Many moons ago I bought some epoxy mastic converter to try and keep the chassis going a bit longer Let get this done quick whiz with the wirewheel... Better. Mix up this stuff... Wearing a mask obvs.. Couldn't find my stirrers so a rawlplug will do. It says you can spray it, but I'm not sure how thin you would have to make it. It's seriously gloopy stuff. Covers well though, 400ml did the rear arms and most of the rear of the chassis Turns out this isn't the original chassis - Ri
  3. Fuck, what a load of shit. Sorry to hear this - hopefully you can put this crap behind you and solve it. Really enjoying this thread and in awe of the work ongoing.
  4. So where did I get? Happened to mention this to a travelling 2cv mechanic and he swung by one evening. After 45 mins: He drilled out the snapped thing, tapped the thread into it, screwed a new bolt in and welded it to the back plate. What I didn't realise is that this has a larger bearing making the replacement drums made of unobtanium. So he kindly offered to take the drums away and separate the wear surface from the hub and replace with a set of drums he had turned on a lathe. Better take the other side.... Same story. No friction material left here either. L
  5. Yeah, I've gone off the idea of welding a new one on. Will try to find a replacement arm. Sigh .
  6. Damnit! And of course acadiane rear arms aren't particularly easy to come by.
  7. Thanks Ian, appreciate the help-by-proxy I was wondering if back plates are available, seems they are from some places, but it's not clear how easy they are to replace. No pivots available? Sigh.
  8. Thread update alert. Where did we leave this? Oh yes. Bit of welding on the rear wings. That's all done and dusted, front doors painted now too. Couldn't find a windy window door so I picked up a replacement slidey door. This had a repair panel fitted , not too badly fitted but filler wasn't the best finish. Not claiming I can do any better of course, but I tried and at least the shonky work is my shonky work. With that all done I thought I'd pay some attention to getting the car rolling and running. When moving it the rear brakes sounded like the were grinding, so best to inspect a
  9. Love these - we've got a "stool bus" round here. Most likely every town has one too, but makes me smile.
  10. Someone on here suggested he fuck off, so that's what he has done. A big shame, given his contribution to the true Autoshite spirit
  11. Personally, I think someone has put the twisty connector the wrong way round on the connection between lever and box. As Richard says, the box is in the same place. The only time I've experienced difference is when I put a Dyane lever on a 2cv. That felt *very* weird. I think the bend is slightly different accounting for the different bulkhead shapes.
  12. This is a lhd acadiane. Edit : that's got one of ash carters fancy connectors betwixt box and lever
  13. I was going to ask - was it running off that petrol can on the dashboard? Was the rattling from the tractor in front or the Sherpa?
  14. Speaking of spog, I ordered a set of window rubbers that they had remade on Tuesday, hopefully be with me next week. Why am I telling you this? They have an open day this Sunday if you're anywhere near Lincolnshire it might be worth popping along for parts.
  15. I love that colour too - my first v70 (the miserable 2.0 10v spec) was the same colour. It's pretty rare I think? Anyway, enjoying the progress and updates
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