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  1. Doctormop, condolences. I can only imagine what an awful time that you and your family are going through. I had never been through that, but did sit through a mental health awareness talk earlier this week at work. I'm not a therapist or medical professional and would suggest you contact someone for help, even the samaritans will be good. You say that you cant relate or help, but what your dad and others are probably looking for is someone to listen. Don't try to fix their issues. There were a few slides from the training that might help, some of them are cheesy, but I've tried this on my children to get them to tall more and it does work. Don't use the W words: who, what, why, when, where, how. These out people on the spot. Do use Ted: Tell me... Explain to me... Describe... And just listen, don't try to fix. ( this advice I gained from a great friend of mine who had a nervous breakdown because she was always taking on other people's problems, and trying to fix everything). Sent from my SGP621 using Tapatalk
  2. Yep, I get network connection error when trying to use tapatalk.
  3. I have the special tool somewhere. There is a short set of steps to do it, but they go out of setting with monotonous regularity with use.
  4. Did the brakes fail? It looks like it rammed through the wall.
  5. Ah cool thank you. Didn't know if there was a different approach with the insert rubber. I'll keep persevering then
  6. My acadiane has no glass currently fitted.... Because I removed It. The window rubbers are the type with an insert that is pushed into a channel on the outside. What's the best way / correct way to refit the windows? should the rubber be fitted to the panel, and then the glass inserted or should I do the normal way of strong cord around the rubber channel and work my way around? I managed to get one side window in, but the other side is tougher and the rear door windows harder still!
  7. In Essex today I saw TO 04 RSY, of course "too arsy". Oh and on the m6 through Birmingham I saw O6 on a Citroën c1.
  8. For the 2cv, two things that have worked for me: 1) pull the pump to carb pipe at the carb end and trickle some petrol down to the pump 2) blow as hard as you can into the fuel filler These pumps are so weak it's frustrating
  9. Lovely purchase. I was taken for a spin in a cayman by a friend a few years back and it reminded me of the first time I went in a 911... One owned by a mclaren team mechanic, 1980s with roll cage etc. I think the 2/4 on the fuel gauge would trigger the mathematician in me everytime I looked at it.
  10. You have a dog called Keith? Well played, sir.
  11. Can I take number 21 for RobT please?
  12. Dammit, from the speaker holes and left-handed wipers I was going to guess at mk1 polo. Right manufacturer at least.
  13. In my part of Surrey it's the same, however they've also stated that large vehicles with seats removed count as vans. What's confusing is the van rule came in before the charge for rubble and diy waste. If there's a charge, just let the vans in? It'll be more expensive than the industrial site.
  14. Chopped, welded,grinded, err primered... Not impressive work compared to others on here, but it'll do after a thin* skim of filler.
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