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  1. That's the one! Lovely and rare too. Engines should be a doddle - usually best to put a borescope camera down to check, they have a tendency to self decoke. But you know all this already, just please don't go all 'Johnny Smith barnfind' on the starter like he did with the "specialist" and the barnfind 2cv.
  2. Ah ha! So you bought them. I've been wondering who might snap those up. Good to see that they don't look too bad. Has the A reg got the super rare small dash with twisty buttons? I can't recall which year the special dash came in but it can't be far from 83/84.
  3. Welded the floor in, but not before adding a strengthening plate behind the seatbelt mount. That was quite laborious. Let's hope the other side is better. Oh Oh Think I'll step back for a while to plan the next move.
  4. Had a few moments to spend on this today - the difficult bit is making sure the seatbelt aligns, and then drilling/reinforcing/welding captive nuts inside the sill before the floor closes off the sill. All needs to align as : Marked and drilled 12mm holes Bolt up the vertical plane then refit the floor WIN! Now to weld it in...
  5. Managed to spend a couple of hours today - located the sill and welded it so I can start to mark up where the seatbelt strengthener will fit. It's quite reassuring to see the strength returning to the shell. I was more surprised than anyone that the floor dropped in. Need to buy some paint to cover the underside before I weld it in.
  6. She's a rusty one, I have picked the worst side to start with. I'm also now experiencing the pain many others do, where repair panels simply don't exist. Nevermind, it's all character building...
  7. I wouldn't risk it, sounds like you would be skating on thin ice. One outcome could be a charge of driving without insurance which is a real pita to have on your license when getting insurance in the future.
  8. Think I've found a good candidate for my garage: I've spent a bit more time, having realised that the part I was working on above eventually comes down to the sill. So... Better chop out the old sill and floor Trial fit sill and floor
  9. What did the gordini go for? That estimate seems a little low to me.
  10. Managed to grab a couple of hours on the car today. Unfortunately it's about 40 degrees in the garage as it has a metal roof. Should get round to some insulation some day. Anyway - what did I get up to? @Skizzerput me onto, beside his own awesome YouTube channel, "make it kustom" created by a Canadian who shows how to fix and make panels without a complete workshop of tools. Much more up my alley. So, inspired to bash some metal, I worked out that I should be fixing this section first: Bit of cad Bit of reuse of offcuts from the steels used in my house extension Leaves us here Happy with that for a first attempt. Might try and put a bead in the middle for a bit of strength.
  11. Not too much activity, although I've done a bit of prodding followed by a lot of sweeping up the rust that falls off! Couple of bits of French repair found, nice bit of riveting: And a fist sized lump of filler where the toeboard should be. I've braced the shell now, so I can start to work methodically. Most likely will be that I need to weld exactly where the bracing is...
  12. I painted my acadiane with rustoleum, but I sprayed it. I used rustoleum thinners rather than white spirit. It's the second vehicle I have painted - the first was my orange 2cv which was rollered with white spirit thinned rustoleum. I would prefer to use the correct thinners, it's not that much difference in cost.
  13. As the foo fighters sang " Done, done and I'm on to the next one " Drove the van to my lockup and tucked it in: With a hole in my garage, the itch started again. Definitely not encouraged by @Skizzer @320touring @Kiltox and @RobT, one copy of 2cvgb later, a couple of phone calls and today this arrived: Definitely needs some work - but it's honest. Chassis is solid (genuinely, not acadiane solid) but the floors less so. So what is it? It's the Citroen a series that I haven't owned - 1967 Citroen Ami 6 Break. My wife was ecstatic* to see it arrive today. Doesn't look great now, but look at it - just needs a bit of love. Bench seat at the front, single spoke wheel. Lovely. I'm a happy bunny. Friday has been taken off to start stripping the interior out and forming a plan of attack.
  14. Thread update : a new project vehicle has been purchased and this needs to get driven to my lockup. Luckily, it's nearly done! It's not concours, but tbh it'd be triggers new broom if I got it anywhere near that standard. "Good enough" or "that'll do" were the motivational words in my head.
  15. That's very early - upside down door handles and painted bumpers. Probably early to mid seventies I'd say. Yum.
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