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  1. LOOKS TO BE A LOTUS ELAN ( RED + WHITE) in front of the green tent.... I would say pic is 10 years on at least 1968ish
  2. Deffo sending a text as fast as he can heh heh.....or is that the bonet mascot?
  3. The Driver of the Ford is still in the car, maybe either just parked or just going going . what first noticed was how bright the headlights are maybe it's because of the black + white picture. I had one and the 6v lighting was as dull as sh*t.
  4. Or WONDERLOAF....or...SCOTTS....or....MOTHERS PRIDE, my second job in 1966, van lad on the bread, we (Wonderloaf) used to race the Scotts + Mothers Pride Vans around Birkenhead and Tranmere, as we all had the same shops to deliver to on our rounds. you could of made a movie about the antics the crews go up to, those were the days.
  5. Arthur , Olive, and Mum(Mabel) on holiday, Stan + Jack in the "CHARRER" + Blakey in the Citroen, must be staff holidays ?
  6. Princess Royal had one as well. heh heh
  7. I worked in WHITNEYS FORD in Scotland Road,Liverpool about 1968, they used to get the staff to take the PXs down to their Aintree Branch as it had a large bit of land at the sides + back to store them. I had to deliver a Ford Pop?/Anglia?Prefect? anyway I jumped in at Scottie Road , to go to Aintree and the Gearbox had TWO gear levers?..I was shocked at first , when asking the senior Salesman "What gives"? with the gearbox he said "overdrive", I had a great drive down to Aintree, Into 1st......into second...then pull the second lever down ( down engaged ...up disengaged)....then knock the second lever up(dis-E_...then gear lever into 3rd...and knock the second lever down, The Ordinary gear lever had a blue knob , the O.D. a yellow knob. The car really flew , showed 60 mph (about 55ish), not bad for a side-valve, think it was a 1200cc., car was in great nick, but heard later it was bought as a job lot and got crushed at a Southport Scrappy.........Shame.
  8. Are this and the others CRAYFORD Corsair Conversions, My mates Dad had a Crayford Corsair, and he, lucky bugger got a Crayford Cortina MKll for his birthday!!
  9. Yeah Thunderbirds being the main one, My mate got stopped by the cops and told that they were illegal over here (back in 70s) so he changed em. Don't think the law understood if they were factory fitted it was ok back then. Nowadays all you can see on new shite is SEQUENTIALS with leds?
  10. Must of been the good old days when "FOOTBALLERS" were on just above a normal wage,with sponsored cars
  11. Wonder how many fell for this heh heh, mine wouldn't fit thru the filler neck, So fish n Chips that night ,ended up blowing the cooker up.
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