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  1. £37,000 for a BRILLIANT FLU-PIPE, with an over priced Merc for £995.......nah I'll browse some more thanks.
  2. My Daughters 1st momo after passing her test. Same colour, but a 1.6 petrol 5 speed box. A "Nice" looking (weird back then) loads of plastic as body parts, but this probably helped as only a 1.6. Never let her down in 4 years. Then got a phone call off her one day "DAD, There's a light come on, on the dash?" She called around on her way home from work.....I popped the bonnet (she never new WhAT the "THING on the sidewall was for" When I lifted said bonnet!!!!!! there was a layer of dust....dry dust , that you could of raised a lawn or tomatoes in?? The look I gave her!! You e
  3. Could be a early Consul then heh heh nah I bow to your superior thingy
  4. Looks like the owner had the car painted WITH the dint in the top front N/S wing? paint overit looks perfect tho. Nice Capri, anyone know Rover or Ford V8 shoehorned in or maybe Chevy 350 ?? (too much bling tho imop)
  5. You can see where CHYRSLER got their styling for the 180.....they robbed it off the English
  6. Yeah A WILLIAMS Auto Body Repairs 0150-638-8017 100 WALLASEY ROAD, BIRKENHEAD, MERSEYSIDE CH 44 7BZ HAVE FUN
  7. Lazy Spotters has to be the best topic on here
  8. Nice pick up Ford 150 circa 1966
  9. ^^^These tradesmen will work for a third of the pay..why..Sadman Khan loves the multiculturism look.Such workmanship heh heh
  10. Princess Airbag or maybe the Princess Markel, Wedgie.
  11. 45mph!! 45 mph....We got 60mph outta our boneshaker E93A...mind you we were going downhill Northway towards L/pool.We got to the lights past Robbins Island in a cloud of steam...the only thing we had to ease it's thirst was a full bottle of Schofields Lemonade (about 1+ 1/2pints). This was back in the 70s,the TPFT insurance was £13/10s and the road tax was £25.00....which was £20 more than we paid for the car,with a whole months MOT. The black beast had name aswell......BANANA CHASER?.......don't ask The b/chaser ended it's life with a VIKINGS FUNERAL on Bootle Tip ( I've still got the rad b
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