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  1. Safe to drop the soap then!!
  2. 45mph!! 45 mph....We got 60mph outta our boneshaker E93A...mind you we were going downhill Northway towards L/pool.We got to the lights past Robbins Island in a cloud of steam...the only thing we had to ease it's thirst was a full bottle of Schofields Lemonade (about 1+ 1/2pints). This was back in the 70s,the TPFT insurance was £13/10s and the road tax was £25.00....which was £20 more than we paid for the car,with a whole months MOT. The black beast had name aswell......BANANA CHASER?.......don't ask The b/chaser ended it's life with a VIKINGS FUNERAL on Bootle Tip ( I've still got the rad badge tho)
  3. Is that an automatic dip switch on top of dash,or those thingy's for looking at traffic lights when your right up to the pole???
  4. Is the A50 still the dream road it used to be.....or did the powers that be decide to "UPGRADE" that perfect bikers road?
  5. Think it's a Talbot,but only just glimpsed it what with that camo
  6. Now would that get over the speed humps where I live?....no. Think the front would snap just before the windscreen
  7. Rover 75 ??....The reason for the ?...way back in 1969-70 (memory man)..myself and 5 mates (greebo's/rockers/smellies..or bike enthusiasts) call us whatever,chipped in to the extortionate (get it outta here) selling or scrapping price of £25.00!!!...which still had 1 months tax + mot on it. (must add this was a private sale as the area in which it was garaged was under pending demolition...local to the DUNLOP Factory in Walton L/Pool) The next day,we decided to drive to Southport for a day out. Went on the twisty route (hairy to say the least) came out at Scarisbrick Hall,back onto proper roads. (I'll cut short the BLAR BLAR here. We decided to drive the Rover along the beach.Two fellers standing on each running board,me driving and the nutter in the passenger front. Going great no bogging down...God knows what the right speed was showing on the speedo. The next thing was the "NUTTER" leans over and starts wanging on the s/col ?? next thing there was an almighty crunch!! KRANG!! the ROVER came to a sudden STOP!!...spewing the "OUTRIDERS headfirst into the sand,the Nutter imprinting his face into the windscreen,which we then found out opened, . I myself thought I'd broken my wrists because I'd bent the steering wheel to something similar to the brim of a cowboy hat!!! All because this "nutter" had wound on the steering damper/lock. The crunching stop was not being able to swerve around a huge block of concrete (old WW2 pillbox)..Adolf all your fault it was there!. Needless to say Rover was f*cked, left where it stopped. Think it was eventually dragged of the beach and resided at the local scrappy awaiting the crusher...................SAD.,but expensive lesson if only it had seat belts or just one to tie the "nutter" down..
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