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  1. Buy a big old Forerunner with the 3.0 v6 and look for one with silly wheels like my old un -
  2. You hath all missed the Daddy of Class
  3. My Gawd - Thats a blast from the past - Had fond memories of reversing mine in line with the fire grate
  4. Here - Or just look for an advertisement which actually spells the name of the damn car correctly, and uses full words and not bloody TXT speak. Its a lot easier now you can check their MOT history . They cant lie about it now ! And yes there is a plethora of cars between £300 - £900 and quite new (ish)
  5. 1986 - Passed my test a week before , and I had the mighty 2300 Victor FE ........ Until I discovered in rush hour traffic in pouring rain the Brakes on a BMW 5 series were greatly better than mine as I rammed him and continued to push him into a Montego ..... Bummer
  6. Superlative stuff , That Rapier/Alpine will do me nicely
  7. Its the lack of response which seriously fucks me off , Been with them for 3 plus years now , so Fuck em, if they cant sort it . Im gone . Plus net sounds good
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