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  1. Just catching up on everything so a bit late. There are about 6 of these in a siding on the Mid-Norfolk railway on the B1108 at Kimberley. Been there about 6 months.
  2. Which website do you use to check these? I'm sad and want to play along!!!
  3. Even cleaned as well as that, the lights on these are fucking useless. I had my mates estate for a few weeks, lovely car but kept checking lights were on!!!
  4. Prices for these are all over the place. I bought my 53 plate last year for £600 no MOT (passed 1st time when dropped to pre-booked) access is shit to do anything. Mine throws an EML light for oxygen levels, having replaced pre and post Cat O2 sensors I think it's the Cat. Gearbox is comical on the 2.0, 3k in fifth so not so economic. Keep wanting to change up. They are cool though. Mine with older cousin!!!
  5. Standing at work at Felixstowe today. Look out from office and........ why.... Why..... FUCKING WHY!!!! One container the wrong way. Grrrrr. 🤣
  6. I'm not gonna lie. I like the Baja Look!
  7. Think it's some kind of Austin will try and work out a link.
  8. I know where there is a scrapper for parts!!!
  9. I've just found that. At least I know where log in and out page is now.
  10. Check this little beauty out. Facebook so I don't know how to link but £235. More info just ask.
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