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  1. This has always annoyed me. VAG (various models) on a facelift, moved the side indicators from the wing to the wing mirror. Adding a stupid little fucking badge in the oval indicator recess!!! Also see Ford Focus MK2 face lift for the same
  2. I bought my Beetle in 2009 with some money that my mum left me when she died It went through a divorce, kids, 4 house moves and was finally finished in 2014. Said I'd never sell. However in the years after being finished I only did 800 miles. It seems I enjoyed the build and the look of the car more than the driving. Roll on 2021 and we decided to buy a house. The Beetle needed to go in order to fund this. I dithered and dragged my feet eventually advertising it. Young guy came to see it and loved it. Got money I wanted for it and @worldofceri did the delivery on a return journey. I literally cried as it went but soon after knew it was for the right reasons. Got a picture from the lad with it nice and snug in his garage and knew it was time for someone else to enjoy.
  3. Oh what a find. Reminds me a Christmas, must have been 10 and wanted a remote control car. Imagine my horror when I opened a yellow version of this. Santa really let me down with his Sunday market haul that year. I don't dwell mind!! 🤔
  4. He does indeed have skills but why the fuck would you brush paint (badly) after all that work and spraying the primer on. 🤔🤷
  5. I don't seem to be able to upload pics from my phone as I always have. Generally I look on here on mobile although it's never been a problem. Tried on desk top and still comes up with error 200.
  6. I'll add to the pissing contest I used to sleep walk. My old dad used to remind me often of the time I turned left instead of right into my sister's room and pee'd on her. The second time there were shouts of 'dad he's doing it again' In fairness I was 10! Never heard a thing!!! 😴
  7. Lidls have Hotwheels in. Found plenty of Mercedes and Audi S2's
  8. Loaded, going, gone thank you @worldofceri lovely to meet you.
  9. So as seen in for sale thread. I have sold my Beetle to pay for a stupid thing called a house 🤷. Put it up for Sale on Volkzone and sold to a young lad from Nottingham. Obvs being AS @worldofceriis doing the necessary of collection and delivery in what amounts to a shit tonne of mileage for him. As for Crusty's Crap Car Capers who knows! I have half an eye on something that may be cheap. I will miss this car. It really means a lot to me. But Danny who has bought it is as enthusiastic as fuck and that makes me smile.
  10. I've only had 1 modern Renault in my life. But I mangled 3 wheels at various times in different pot holes. Never in any other car! General consensus Renault alloys are made from chocolate! Love the Manta btw.
  11. When I was a painter, I always preferred to use a red guide coat. I found it easy to pick out imperfections.
  12. So how does this work? Originally up for £995, I gets a 20% discount for some reason bringing to £795 but clicking on link now shows as £1250 I iz confuzed.
  13. 1999 Hyundai Accent in silver 3 door flavour. Grey interior. It's only redeeming features was it was free! 5 of us in it down the A11 got a bit hairy handling wise luckily it was dog slow so at least a roll over would have been a slow speed incident. This but in silver gloom.
  14. Is there something wrong with the rear wheel? Looks to far forward.
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