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  1. I missed out on a K-38 Matchbox Superking Dodge Ambulance becoz I is stopid and forgot! It went for £13.50 too 😭😭😭. If any one has one (with box, crew and stretcher) or finds one, I would love it. There are some on eBay but are more ££ than I can justify. I had on for my 8th birthday and feel I need to replace it. This type. Not this.
  2. I do 30k/year and to do this I bought a 6j Seat Ibiza 1.4 TDI ecomotive on a 2010 plate. It's a slightly raucous 3 pot engine but quite fun. I think that it looks nicer than a Polo/Fabia. Mrs Sills has the family car and 90% of the time I'm alone driving or have just 1 passenger so I opted for a 3 door. I drive a mix of roads but a few more miles on the A14 so dual carriage. Out of a full tank (I mean brimmed) I can get 850 miles, this works out at between 64-67 mpg all the time. I don't drive fast and enjoy the thought of hyper miling only thing I'd like as a luxury (I have a fairly basic
  3. Yes. Sorry for late reply not logged on in a few days.
  4. Lidls came up trumps on Hotwheels. Looking online I believe they are '20 releases. If anyone finds the Beetle pick up please grab it/1 for me.
  5. Odd isn't it. I've used them for the past 14 years and never had an issue. I don't have a Landover or a Saab lol. I guess it depends on what we all see as fair, thorough or over the top.
  6. I always use C.A Rush (Mill house garage) in New Buckenham Norfolk. Always accomodating, fair, doesnt do reduced MOT prices but doesn't rip off. Parking is always full of some old rammel. They love Landovers and Saabs, the place is full of them. I can even get a courtesy car for an MOT!
  7. Not shite related but.... Got an 8 ft pool to throw the kids in during OMG heat wave. Fuck me 2400 litres is a metric shit ton of water!!!! The grin still on rates. ?Anglian water!!! ?????? 3 hrs and still not full!
  8. Thank you all. Found these locally. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/748639405874696/ https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/382538996040250/ Thinking the black has a better MOT History despite being 4 years older. Will ask for more pics though.
  9. Newer shape 03-12 169 I think with a insurance friendly engine.
  10. My mate is looking at Fiat Pandas for his daughters first car. Said I would help but know nothing about it them. So what to look out for? Are higher mileage cars an issue? Any help appreciated.
  11. Ooof that is lovely.
  12. Brilliant, public transport graffiti at its finest!!!
  13. Ooof. I must be on some retro rally theme tonight! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124208244003
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